circles defining macro and micro niches, symbolizing the definition of what is an online nicheIf you are new to niche marketing the question “What is an online niche?” perhaps is the first one you are asking yourself. Online niches are created through the intent and need of your niche market.

There are niches that can be pretty profitable and bring you a lot of targeted, very specific traffic and great conversion rates. These online niches then become your “money makers”.

In other cases it can be that some niches attract people who wants to educate themselves, looking for keywords like “How To” or “What is”, who are great fans or  followers but perhaps never buy from you.

Five Ways To Define “What Is An Online Niche?”

#1 Way: Need

If there is no existing search request for a market or topic online there is no recognized need. Period. That’s just the fact. And with no need there is no online niche.

If many people search on an ongoing base for the same search term then this is defined by the search engines as keyword demand. Related keywords and synonyms build an online niche. So what is an online niche? The fulfillment of an existing need online. It can be one broader bigger need or a group of smaller specific defined needs

#2 Way: Niche Market

Your niche market is a group of people with very specific needs. Each single need can define its own sub niche. So more specific your niche market is so more specific is your online niche. Qualifying your niche market helps you to find the perfect niche to position you in as the expert and authority you are. Niche marketing is marketing to this specific niche market to fulfill their needs.

[bctt tweet=”A niche market is a group of people who all have the same, very specific needs.”]

#3 Way: Opportunities

Each keyword comes with its own unique opportunity online. So, what is an online niche? All keywords in a niche together are the sum of opportunities in this niche. So more keywords are included in a niche so bigger becomes the opportunity to attract a large amount of traffic. The $$$ value of a niche is depending on the amount of commercial or educational keywords. Commercial keywords are keywords where your competitors invest in through paid advertising. Educational keywords are where people expect free information online. The chance to make money with these keywords, meaning by selling products or programs, is low.

#4 Way: Solution

What is an online niche? Every online niche comes with the opportunity to provide solutions. If people type in their questions in the search bar of Google they expect answers, in other words “solutions” for their problems. These “solutions” are an important part of your online niche. Because they satisfy the searcher’s intent to type in the search query in the first case.

#5 Way: Trend

Markets come and go. The same works for niches. An online niche existing today could be gone tomorrow. No, I am just joking. But living on the Internet is a very fast paced lifestyle. Seriously, the online niches that existed for few years could be gone this year. For example seasonal niches are only existing during the spring, summer, fall or winter season, at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We See “Old” Data in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

When you do keyword research the data you see today is archived and pulled from data where people typed in a search query a while ago. Niche trends come and go. It is important to check your data on an ongoing base to make sure you are in a niche that is and stays alive. Creating an SEO optimized niche site is the way to go! The whole power of a great online niche is the mix of 60% commercial keywords and 40% educational keywords to attract fans and followers who become buyers in my experience. I wish that you enjoyed this blog post about What Is An Online Niche above.


What is a good online niche for your business?

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