video seo, words written on red backgroundUsing Video SEO is essential for video creation and sharing. At least if you want to be recognized as an authority in a specific online niche. It also helps entrepreneurs to come up for a specific search term somebody types in the search bar of any video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Or any other search engines that showcases videos as part of their search results. Here is how video search engine optimization works: The internal search engine of a video sharing site “reads” through the video transcription and the page where you uploaded your video to. Then tags it with keywords if finds within the content word pattern and presents it to the viewer as their desired search result. Sounds very similar to the results you get by integrating a blog SEO, social media SEO strategy, or any other off-page SEO strategy, right? And this is true. Any optimization, no matter if for blogs, social media postings and sharing, or in this case video has the goal to come up as the “perfect” search result for a searcher’s query.

What Video SEO Can Do For Search Engines And Your Viewers

What Video SEO provides to Search Engines

  • used properly your video can be found easily
  • if set up right your video will be indexed fast
  • high quality, unique, keyword focus content provided through video transcription and content on video page improves your video’s ranking results

What Video SEO provides to Your Future Viewers

  • Viewer finds videos that fit his/her search term
  • they watch the video that fits their search intent (hopefully)
  • a solution or answer is provided to the viewer’s problem or question
  • if the video has a call to action, the viewer has the option to gain more free information or can purchase the product or service that fulfills his/her needs

And what does video SEO do for you? Your video attracts your ideal client, ready to be converted! Read below the ten simple video SEO tips to follow so you can convert your viewer traffic to customers and clients.

10 Simple Video SEO Tips

Implementing video SEO is important BEFORE and AFTER you record your video. The focus of optimizing your video for the search engines is different in each phase of the process. Before you start recording, your main focus is optimizing your video content and context for the keyword you want to be found for. After recording your video you want to name it properly and create optimized video pages that confirm your viewer landed on the right video page.

Before You Record Your Video

Video SEO Tip #1

Think about what question your video answers. Then do your proper keyword research. A video is normally short. Only 1-2 minutes. The more “meat” your video provides, the better. Provide one answer per video.

Video SEO Tip #2

Decide on a goal for your video. Do you want to gain new subscribers for your list? Do you use the video to promote a book launch? Or to sell a product? Using persuasive wording can help you to convert your viewer to the action you want them to take.

Video SEO Tip #3

Make sure your video supports your overall website and online focus. Publishing a video about women rights today, then another video about your trip to Spain next week, and the great tea pot you recommend to everybody the following week, won’t help you to be recognized as an authority for family travels to Spain.

Video SEO Tip #4

Create a high quality, unique, keyword focused and engaging video transcription. The days where videos were so new that shallow content worked are gone. In times where the attention span is only few seconds, you want to provide exciting, new, informational, educational, or inspiring content people love.

Video SEO Tip #5

Tell people what they should do. Remember video SEO tip number two where we spoke about your video’s goal. This tip is about the call to action you want people to take. If you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, or watch another video after this one, tell them! People will do what you say because you said so.

After You Recorded Your Video

Video SEO Tip #6

Name your video properly. This refers to the video file name. Don’t name it 12345.mp4 or ab2015.mp4. Use the keyword the video is all about.

Video SEO Tip #7

Upload it to the right category. There are many categories you can choose from on YouTube or Vimeo. Choose the ones that fit your video goal the best. If you aren’t sure which one, look what your competitors do.

Video SEO Tip #8

Give your video a keyword focused and persuasive video title and video description. Like a headline in a magazine, people will take only few seconds to read or skim through your content to make an educated decision if they want to watch your video, or not.

Video SEO Tip #9

Tell others what’s in for them by sharing your video. Everybody wants to share awesome content with their friends, fans, or followers. And feel they can make a difference in other people’s lives by sharing your video. Let them know what makes your video so unique, highly valuable, worth sharing. The viewer who shares will let their followers know too!

Video SEO Tip #10

Reward your viewers for watching your video by providing them further information through a free download, giving something away for free, or telling them where to go next to find more valuable content. What I learned as an SEO expert by using video SEO: Your chance of getting your video ranked well and fast increases immense. Because you make the search engines’ job easy. Using one keyword for each video creation and sharing is key. You let them know what your video is about, what you want to be found for, and for what search term your video will provide the best viewer experience. Sounds easy? It is. Just follow the ten tips for video optimization above and enjoy your ranking results.

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