social media seo, words written on yellow backgroundSocial Media SEO is all about connecting and engaging with your target customer and their online communities. So you can get as many reshares and backlinks as possible.

Your website’s ranking results are influenced by sharing high quality, unique content (that includes links to your website), the amount of social reshares you get and good quality relevant backlinks.

I see this as an expert for search engine optimization a lot, entrepreneurs focus on their on-page SEO strategies only. And totally forget the off-page SEO tactics such as having an engaged social media presence, or “feeding” other websites with good content to gain recommendations as global go-to experts in your online niche.

What happened that Social Media SEO has become such an important part of search engine optimization?

Since Google Penguin and Google Panda, Google’s most impactful algorithm changes, every online marketer is aware of how sophisticated search engines are these days. The search engines send out “spiders” (software programs who evaluate online content for indexing) that recognize the difference between an apple tree and the apple computer. The “spiders” read the word patterns within a page and “understand” the meaning of the overall content, not only of each single word. Social Media SEO Is The Next Generation SEO.

What Is The Cycle Of Social Media SEO?

  1. You publish high-quality content on your blog.
  2. You share your blog posts links to your social media accounts.
  3. Other people in your online community are interested in this content and follow the link you provided back to your blog.
  4. They come, read, judge and evaluate it. If they like what you write or have to offer they will comment or share your post.
  5. Commenting great, but sharing the biggest compliment (and ranking booster) they can give you!
  6. By telling others about it, more people will come to your blog.
  7. They also comment or share your blog post to their social media communities.
  8. You + Your followers = impacts  your website’s rankings
  9. Your followers + Their Followers = highly impacts your website’s rankings
  10. The search engines see these sharing signals.
  11. The search engines take it as a sign of your popularity and that your content is worth sharing.
  12. They show your blog post from a higher position in their ranking results.
  13. You get more targeted traffic to your site.
  14. Not only your ranking results grow. By your followers and their followers share it in their social media accounts, your own social networking and media communities grow with it.
  15. Now you can reach out to more online visitors when you post your next blog post.

Isn’t this awesome?! The SEO and social media marketing cycle never end. With every new content created, you can reach new people. With new people and their new needs, you have the chance to create new content and so on.

Top 7 Social Media SEO Tips For Niche Experts

Social Media SEO Tip #1

Get a social media SEO review of your website. You want to know where you stand social media wise and what you can do to improve. Social media traffic is the third source of online traffic coming to your website. It is seen as referral traffic and after organic/natural traffic (you get by using keywords in your blog posts) and highly valued as the ranking signal by the search engines.

Social Media SEO Tip #2

Make sure you set up your social media accounts for all of the major social channels. Don’t regret later that you didn’t do it right away when you find out that somebody already else set up your brand name or personal name. Do it now!

Social Media SEO Tip #3

When you create and upload content such as written content, images, podcasts, or videos to your website, make sure you distribute links back to this content located on your website through all your social media channels and social media networks. Use automated services such as Hootsuite or Socialoomph to schedule your postings.

Social Media SEO Tip #4

Check if you have social sharing buttons on your website. Be aware of that social media icon and social sharing buttons are NOT the same. Social media icons are connected to YOUR own social media accounts. They click on them and land on YOUR Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube account. When people click on the social sharing buttons on your blog posts, THEIR social media accounts get connected and they share your post within THEIR social media network. Powerful!

Social Media SEO Tip #5

Write and publish high quality, valuable, unique content on your website that is related to your online niche and keyword focused. If you want to be seen as a global authority for a specific online niche, laser focus is key! Don’t write today about women, tomorrow about Spain, and next week about how wonderful antique teapots are. Search engines nor people could get confused. And stop sharing your awesome content.

Social Media SEO Tip #6

Give people an incentive to share your posts and link back to you within their social networks. Every post with a link back to your website provides the opportunity to gain a new backlink for your site. Let’s assume your follower shares your post in their social media account. One of their followers follows the link and uses as a reference on their blog post they write for the Huffington Post. A backlink from the Huffington Post to your blog post? How awesome! As an authority website, the Huffington Post provides not only great ranking support for your site. But also, can bring very targeted traffic to your site too.

Social Media SEO Tip #7

Find other online blogs that are related to your online niche and offer to become a guest blogger to provide high-quality content for their readership. Every awesome blog post you create, every resource page, every checklist, or how-to step-by-step plan you share on your website provides an opportunity to show off your value and authority. Who wouldn’t want to have you as their guest blogger? Guest blogging not only gives you a new podium to showcase your expertise but also the opportunity for other backlinks, coming from your author bio on your guest post or sharing your guest blog through social sharing buttons. The more relationships you can build with non-competitive websites (targeting the same audience), the more it will improve your website’s rankings and your conversion rate.   AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some links in the blog post are affiliate links and in full disclosure I will receive a compensation from the service providers when you purchase using these links. Thank you for supporting me! I appreciate you and that you help me to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs to make a difference in other people’s lives.

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