6-Week LIVE SEO Training Online – SEO Hacks Execution Course

head shot of Dagmar Gatell, internatonal SEO consultant and inbound strategist Dagmar Gatell, 6-Week SEO Training Online - SEO Hacks Execution CourseThe 6-week LIVE SEO training online course is designed for driven and committed entrepreneurs, bloggers, or subject-matter experts. Goal of the group course is to build a well-performing website based on a solid SEO content structure for ongoing online growth.

Not like other group training courses where you learn a lot of theory and gain great SEO knowledge but then struggle with the proper execution, you have direct access to me, my up-to-date knowledge and 10 year SEO and inbound experience.

I personally, together with in-house marketing teams or with/for my clients, have built hundreds of niche authority websites and dozens of niche web stores.

During our time together, I’ll make sure you implement the SEO tasks the right, most effective, and economical way!


6-Week SEO Training Online Group Course Elements

“Learning by Doing – Success through Execution”

  • 6-WEEK Live SEO Group Training Sessions, led by International SEO Consultant, Coach, and Strategist Dagmar Gatell
  • 90-MIN LIVE Group Session per Week
  • DIRECT ACCESS to Dagmar and her Global Empire SEO Consulting team
  • Course is FOCUSED on INDIVIDUAL NEEDS of each Group Member
  • LIMITED to 10 Group Members per session
  • Each group member’s WEBSITE or BLOG WILL BE AUDITED at the beginning of the course
  • WEEKLY REVIEWS of SEO errors and growth potential
  • During the course, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE TRANSFER from an SEO consultant, strategist, and coach who has built or helped to build hundreds of niche and authority building websites since 2008.
  • My SECRET INGREDIENT: There is a lot of SEO talk and knowledge circling around, offline and online. What worked last week, last month, last year … does not, necessarily, work today. The only way to find out what really works is … to execute the knowledge, test, analyze, tweak, and repeat while staying up-to-date with ongoing changes online. I have talked the talk and walked the SEO walk, every day, for the past 10 years. I implement, test, analyze, tweak, and repeat. I focus on failing faster to learn what to do, and not to do. So you don’t have to. 
  • OPTION: After the end of the six weeks course, group members can book to participate in any single week session, following their 6-week course for an additional fee, only offered to participants who went through the whole 6-week basic group course.
  • First come, first serve basis
  • INTRODUCTORY PRICING $497 for those whose applications are accepted.

Requirements for Participants (after application is approved):

  • Commitment to create ONE CONTENT PIECE (homepage, cornerstone page, about page, blog post, etc) PER WEEK.
  • The content piece needs to have a MINIMUM LENGTH of 1,000 words.
  • The content piece needs to FOCUS on TOPIC or KEYWORD(S) (will be provided and discussed with each student at the beginning of the course after website or blog is audited).

A win-win for everybody who participates … and while you’re learning and executing, you build your SEO foundation and grow your website and/or your blog at the same time.

There is nothing like this on the market!

[bctt tweet=”We focus on failing faster to grow quicker … so you don’t have to fail in the first place.”]

This online training course is part of our custom designed SEO training programs offered to individuals and professionals who want to build and grow their authority site or blog online.

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Questions about our SEO Hacks Execution course?

Just fill out Dagmar’s Global Empire SEO contact form or click on the red button below. We will respond to your questions or concerns in a 24-48 hours time frame. Thank you!

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