Professional SEO Training – Result-Driven SEO Training for Individuals

man on a ladder in front of a scale, measuring time vs money, professional SEO training for individualsProfessional SEO Training designed for individuals who want to learn and execute proven SEO strategies. For driven entrepreneurs who are ready to build and grow their website and authority online.

head shot of Dagmar Gatell, internatonal SMO and SEO expert Dagmar Gatell

Certified SEO Master Dagmar Gatell

Why you would want to go through a professional LIVE SEO training and coaching? So you can create the mindset to understand the WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW-TO behind proven SEO strategies and execute them successfully.

Scroll down and check out the professional SEO training for individuals Dagmar offers to entrepreneurs who want to create an impact and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Professional SEO Training Topics to Choose from

  1. Establishing overall SEO strategies for your website and blog
  2. Review and SEO Audit to provide SEO recommendations on site content, blog posts, or website structure
  3. Technical SEO advice and guidance on SEO website development
  4. Keyword focused content development, creation, and distribution
  5. Internal link building and backlink strategies
  6. Niche and keyword research
  7. Competitive analysis
  8. SEO basics or SEO advanced training


What’s in for you by working with Dagmar and her team as your SEO trainer and coach?

  1. Prdagmar-gatell-seo-training-for-women-entrepreneursoven SEO Execution Process:
    1. After we decide to work together and before our professional SEO training starts, we create a website & SEO review and content audit.
    2. You’ll explore your website and blog’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
    3. We decide together what SEO professional training topics are needed to execute.
    4. Every implementation you do on your website or blog will be tested, measured, analyzed, and tweaked (repeated process) together.


Available SEO Professional Training Types

  • 1/2 Day SEO Intensive LIVE Training
  • Full Day SEO Intensive LIVE Training

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Why should you trust Dagmar’s SEO knowledge and expertise?

  1. Dagmar Gatell is an SEO consultant, inbound strategist, trainer, and coach.
  2. Started in the internet marketing industry in 2008 by working for an international company as their online marketing manager, overseeing a marketing team to build niche related websites and web stores in-house to dominate a specific niche market. Since then she has built or help build hundreds of niche related authority sites.
  3. With her Global Empire SEO Consulting team, she specializes in building niche and topic related authority websites.
  4. Dagmar does not only strategize, coach, consults with and trains her clients but also focuses on empowering them. No matter where they are in the four phases of building and growing their business or blog online, at any point they are able to make their own educated decisions.


Questions about our professional 1/2 day or full day SEO Intensive training?

Just fill out our contact SEO expert Dagmar Gatell form. You’ll receive an answer to your professional SEO training request within a 24-48 hour time frame during weekdays (mon-fri).

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