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head shot SEO speaker Dagmar GatellBeing an SEO speaker and meeting entrepreneurs, excited to build their business online to enrich others and grow their wealthit’s a blessing! What an amazing opportunity to empower these experts, coaches, trainers and speakers so they can reach their online goals easier and faster.

In my SEO speaker engagements I share with my audience what I have learned from my own SEO pitfalls and challenges, how I overcame these pitfalls, and how they can avoid doing them in the first place.

It’s not one SEO task that get you ranked on the first page on Google. It’s a strategy, an SEO strategy. A proven SEO strategy helping you to become the number one online authority and to attract a global audience, ready to convert.

Here are the things to know about me …catholic cathedra lLimburg Lahn Germany

  • I live in Florida
  • Born in Germany
  • grew up in Hessen (Germany), surrounded by mountains, forests, wineries, little cities, villages, and enchanted creeks in the “old world”
  • gifted with a strong logical German engineering mindset and deep intuition

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I have learned …

Search engine marketing is all about understanding the intent and emotion searchers have when they type search terms in Google’s search bar. What SEO really means (for me) is …

… seeing endless opportunities


The art is not just using keywords but having a proven SEO strategy in place that lets search engines recognize WHO you really are, WHAT you offer and to connect you with the right searchers.

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My Passion Is Empowering Entrepreneurs,
Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers And Experts
Who Have A Message And Purpose To Share With Millions.

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SEO Speaker – Speaking Topics
Your Audience Will Love

head shot dagmar gatell, helping SEO newbies through her SEO for beginners guide

SEO Strategist, Expert, Certified SEO Master & Speaker Dagmar Gatell

  • “Rank #1 Online And Convert Your Traffic Into Paying Clients And Customers”
    Everybody wants to be ranked number one online. In this presentation Dagmar shares what it takes to get on the first page of Google and to bring the right targeted traffic to your website, ready to buy your products and services.

  • “3 Fatal SEO Mistakes Successful Entrepreneurs Make When Building Their Empire Online”
    Most entrepreneurs focus on blog post creation and social media sharing. Is this right, or wrong? Dagmar shares SEO mistakes that instead of bringing up a website’s ranking, bring it down, and how-to avoid these common errors.

  • “The Secret Why Some Websites Stay Invisible, And Others Become The No 1 Online Authority”
    What makes a site visible or invisible online? Dagmar shares the secrets entrepreneurs want to know on becoming the number 1 go-to expert and authority online.

  • “All About Positioning Yourself And Dominating Your Niche Online”
    Your target market are the people you want to attract online. Your niche is where you position yourself. Dagmar shares key points of positioning yourself in your ideal niche, and what to avoid or do less of in order to pass your competitors online.

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What My Audience Is Saying

“Once Dagmar Gatell set foot onto the Sexy and Self-Made international Woman’s Business Conference stage with her huge Legos, she had the audience captivated! Gatell was able to explain SEO in its simplest form. Even the beginners in the audience were able to follow along and actually understand what she was saying, and how it directly related to their business.

I can’t wait to have her back this year! She was one of the greatest assets at my conference!”

~ April Iannazzone, Founder,

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SEO Speaker Bio

seo speaker dagmar gatell at the sexy self-made success conferenceDAGMAR GATELL is the founder of Global Empire SEO Consulting. She offers private SEO coaching, consulting, and “done-for-you” packages.  SEO coach and SEO expert, Dagmar Gatell, works with entrepreneurs who strive to be ranked #1 and convert their worldwide traffic into paying clients and customers.

Since 2008, Dagmar has worked as an SEO expert and business strategist in the male-dominated search engine marketing industry.  Fueled by the balance of a strong logical German engineering mindset and deep intuitive awareness, easily and quickly seeing profitable online niches, Dagmar  guides entrepreneurs toward building a global authority site that will not only attract the right traffic but also create profitable business conversions entrepreneurs are seeking.

Dagmar works with her worldwide clientele to define the right formula and customized SEO review and introductory consulting session complimenting her clients’ expertise, personality, and business goals. Her motto is, “Ranking No 1 online isn’t an accident – it’s strategy!

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    I Have Enriched Entrepreneurs As An SEO Speaker at …

    • SEO speaker Dagmar Gatell at the Speaker Panel Wealthpreneur Speaker at the ABWA American Business Women’s Association Coral Springs Charter Chapter Meeting in October 2013, Coral Springs, Florida/USA
    • Panelist on the Conversation Marketing Panel at the 6th Annual Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN Global) Un-Conference 2013
    • Mastermind leader at the Wealthpreneur Mastermind in April 2014, Pompano, Florida (USA)
    • Speaker at the Sexy & Self-Made International Women’s Business Conference in July 2014, West Palm Beach, Florida/USA

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