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Dear Entrepreneur and Expert,

Are you wondering what you next bold move should be to win big online, gain visibility and rankings, grow your authority, and/or become a worldwide leader in your niche online? Perhaps you want to pass your competitors, dominate your niche, grow your global reach, and/or want to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Read below if discovering your next bold move is for you!

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woman jumping in the air, celebrating the successWho Should Participate to Discover Their Next Bold Move?

If you fit into ANY of the following four categories then this session is made for YOU:

#1  You want to Find Your Most Profitable Online Niche but you aren’t sure how.

In other words, you are an expert with in-depth knowledge and experience, want to make a difference in the world, monetize your expertise but you’re not sure what direction you should take. You have a clue and some ideas and a lot of drive and passion, but you don’t want to waste energy, money and time doing the wrong things.

#2  You want to Position Yourself and Be Seen as Authority in Your Perfect Online Niche, just not sure how to find the perfect one for you.

You have all the knowledge and expertise it takes to establish yourself as an expert … but you aren’t seen as one yet … or you have positioned yourself in the wrong niche and attract the wrong target market.

head shot Anna Vanlandingham, pinterest marketing expertYou know that feeling you get when all is right with the world? That is how I felt after talking to Dagmar about my website. I had spent a lot of time and money trying to get my website “working for me.” Because I am very analytical, I always came away feeling frustrated. Now I know why. They were not the experts they pretended to be.

Dagmar was amazing. Everything she said made perfect sense and she had superb explanations for everything she told me to do. I could not believe I finally found someone who knew what they were talking about and not just a wannabe. I felt like I was talking to the “Queen of SEO and Websites.”

~ Anna Vanlandingham, Pinterest Marketing Expert with PinterestPro Solutions

#3  You want to Pass Your Competitors & Dominate Your Niche and want to find out what they are doing better you could do too.

Maybe you have already started to position yourself online but you aren’t ranking on the first page of Google yet. You have potential but you don’t know what to do to be better than your competitors at getting the number one online ranking and traffic.

#4  You want to Attract and Grow a Worldwide Audience and look for easy to implement proven strategies to get there.

… you have a great product and/or service that a worldwide audience needs and is interested in buying … but they don’t know about you. Or you have already globally attract your right niche market and now you want to reach many more.

No matter which of these categories you fit into,
this special “What’s My Next Bold Move?” intro session is for YOU.

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What Will We Talk About to Discover Your Next Bold Move To Win Big Online During Our SEO Review & Intro?

That depends on YOU.

Although I go through the same review points with everyone I talk to, the results – and the Next Bold Move to gain and grow visibility and authority – are different for everybody. You, your knowledge, your expertise, your business, your online presence, and how you want to make money and/or a difference in the world are unique. That’s why you’re filling out a questionnaire in advance … before we speak about the SEO review of your website and/or any social media presence may you have, I’ll also ask you what you want to focus on during our call. But of course, I’ll share lots of SEO recommendations with you as well.

headshot Taylor Smith, Guardian Defense Plan“I booked an SEO business strategy intro call because I had seen Dagmar speak on a webinar session and I was impressed with her knowledge,
clear communication and character. Through my research, I thought the best way to move forward with marketing my company was through SEO
and I found Dagmar a great fit for the type of person I’d like to work with. During my strategy session, I learned many things that I was able
to apply instantly to my website.

I devoted 6 hours on a Saturday fixing things that Dagmar had suggested, and I didn’t even tackle all of
things that I learned from her. My AHA moment was finding those few profitable keywords to describe my niche and sticking with them.”

~Taylor Smith, Active Shooter Training with Guardian Defense Plan

Here are some examples of what I can do to help you:

  • Get Rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines
  • Gain (More) Targeted Traffic online
  • Find or Refine Your Online Niche
  • Gain or Grow Your Authority in Your Most Profitable Online Niche
  • Build a Profitable Business Online
  • Website/SEO/Social Media SEO
  • Call to Action Items & List Building
  • Online Marketing & SEO Mindset

Check out some of my testimonials and 
SEO success stories.

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What Makes This “Discover Your Next Bold Move And Win Big Online” SEO Review & Intro Session Different?

A. Expert experience

Since 2008, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs who have with in-depth knowledge and expertise across the health, wellness, fitness, money, spiritual, relationship, travel, food, and online marketing industry.

My coaching and consulting clients have included:

  • Coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers eager to be recognized online as the no. 1 authority in their industries.
  • Services providers focused on passing their competitors and dominating their niche online.
  • Niche experts ready to build unlimited global niche websites the right way.
  • Successful entrepreneurs, who have been interviewed by Oprah and Dr Oz, working on to build a worldwide reach to convert their traffic into membership sites, niche related e-products, ebooks, books, and online services.
  • Experts who are employees and ready to start building their own successful businesses online.

B. I built what I teach.

Since 2008 I have personally and overseen in-house online marketing teams develop on-page and off-page SEO strategies and execute these into hundreds of niche focused web sites and web-stores.

head shot Erin Newman, life coach in Atlanta“Dagmar is amazing to work with. She gave me more than I expected in terms of depth of knowledge and an overview of what I need to fix (both first and long-term.) She told me what I’m doing wrong with my blogs and all of my pages in an easy and digestible manner, providing a sort of “how to” manual (with lots of keyword research) for my ongoing SEO on the website.

She really knows her stuff, but most importantly, she is easy to talk to, really cares about my business and its success, and wants to help me succeed. I love our work together!”

~Erin Newman, Life Coach Atlanta

C. Logical German Engineering Mindset meets deep intuition.

My unique approach to building worldwide online authority sites combines logical mindset with intuitive decision making. Choosing the right money making keywords is easy to learn. But what happens if you put the right “key” word in the wrong lock? Nothing.

Online success comes when both, the “key” word and the “lock” (the experienced entrepreneur) fulfill each other’s expectations. This mindset approach is most important step in the process of the whole SEO review & consulting session.

D. Treat your online presence as it were mine.

I don’t have time, energy and money to waste. And I assume you do not either.

When I review your online presence and get together with you in our consulting session, I’ll share SEO recommendations I would implement if your website and online presence were mine. Time is money. And money needs to be invested to make more, not wasted.

E. I want to make a difference in this world … by helping you to make a difference.

I get you. I too love to get emails or Facebook messages from students, clients, or fans. About them helping somebody making their life, health, or money situation better. Just by being recognized as niche authority or being found on the first page of Google. To make a difference in hundreds, thousands or millions of people’s lives, you need to have strategies in place to position yourself in the perfect niche for you, the niche that fits your expertise, knowledge, target market, and how you want to empower and enrich others.

F. One-of-a-kind SEO knowledge and experience.

I look for SEO problems, challenges and errors in my own projects, websites and online presence. I am able to make and correct my mistakes fast and furiously … so you don’t have too.

I’ll teach and share with you what’s needed to prevent making common SEO mistakes and how to approach the ones you’ve already made so that you are able to fix them.

* * *

Meet Your Mentor

head shot SEO Expert and SEO coach Dagmar Gatell, offering an SEO review and consultation session

SEO Expert, Coach & Strategist Dagmar Gatell

Why am I doing this?

  • I know what it’s like. Every time, I build a new website or take on a new client with my team, we go through the same phases to make sure our clients will have a huge impact in other people’s lives … finding your most profitable online niche, positioning yourself, dominating your niche and passing your competitors, gaining reach and attracting your worldwide audience, … and growing your business online. Having gone through this process myself the first time was a huge struggle … Not being sure about the process, no experience with which actions would bring better results, what tasks would best left aside, and which could be skipped all together, how can you touch many … Because of my own experiences and over time, together with my team, I’ve built and helped successfully build hundreds of niche related client websites so they can follow their passion of making a difference in other people’s lives. I am lucky to have had coaches on my side help me develop the right SEO mindset needed to execute and build profitable and powerful websites online. This is the mindset I’ll help you create during our session.
  • I do what it takes to succeed. And I know you will too.
    This SEO review & intro session will help you to know your best bold move … to gain and grow your visibility and authority in your most profitable niche online. And if you find that this session didn’t help you accomplish exactly this, remember there is the 100% money-back guarantee (see below).
  • Who wants to reinvent the wheel?  Nobody.
    I believe in learning from the best. No matter how successful you are online, to get to your next level, you want to avoid doing the wrong things again and again. Learning from the master who already experienced through all the SEO mistakes, challenges, and errors, to make sure that you develop and execute the right strategies … This is what you want to focus on. As a certified SEO master I’ll share with you what steps you want to do, and which ones you can skip, and which ones you don’t want to do at all.
  • Some entrepreneurs cannot afford to invest in my 1-on-1 coaching or longer-term programs yet, but they still want help getting started, a professional view of their online presence, or expert guidance of how to develop and/or execute their next steps.This SEO review and intro consulting session is the solution. I want to make sure that any entrepreneur who wants to succeed online, regardless of his or her current situation, receives expert guidance.Because I know from my own experience that one simple SEO strategy shared by a pro and master, may help you get to that next level financially and/or help you to trust in your abilities.
  • It’s my personal way of giving back to the entrepreneurial community.
    I don’t use this SEO review and intro consulting session as my money-making strategy but as a way to help entrepreneurs get to their next level.
    I happily do this because I believe everybody who wants to grow, make money, or make a difference in this world should have the chance to do so. I am able to give back because I have the honor of working with amazing entrepreneurs in my longer-term coaching programs who are focused on reaching their full potential and long term online success.

Click here to see some of my testimonials and SEO success stories.

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Find Out Now How You Can Discover Your Next Bold Move To Win Big Online and Get:

      1. Comprehensive SEO review ($497 value)
      2. Evaluation of your website and social media presence, Following your passion of making a difference in other people’s lives, finding your perfect money making niche online, positioning yourself as online niche authority, dominating your niche, and/or building a global expert niche empire, is a very personal process. That’s why I want to learn as much as possible about you and your business before we begin with our session ($297 value)
      3. 1-hour laser focused session with SEO expert, coach and strategist Dagmar Gatell. During this time I’ll share as many concrete on-page and off-page SEO and online business strategies for you as I can. Of course, you’ll also be able to ask me any questions. ($347 value)
      4. *Bonus: Although you should take notes during our session, absorbing and capturing everything won’t be easy. That’s why I’m going to record our SEO review and consulting session for you as an MP3. So you can listen to it as often as you need it. Free audio recording (MP3) of your personal SEO review & intro session ($27 value)

      That’s more than $1,000 worth of SEO review, consulting, and training … for just   $497.

      IMPORTANT: As soon as you register, you’ll get instant access to my SEO questionnaire you’ll need to prepare for your SEO review & consulting session. Once you submit your completed SEO questionnaire, you’ll receive a link to my private scheduling system where you’ll be able to choose a day/time for your session.

      reserve your SEO review session nowRegister Now – This Special Offer Will Expire Soon.

      SEO review & consulting sessions are limited and
      scheduled on a first-come, first-served base.

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      This isn’t going to be a “fluff” or “sales” call. I’ll do everything I can to help you to find your next bold move. To find your money making online niche, position yourself as authority, dominate your niche, build your expert niche empire, discover opportunities to improve your traffic numbers or ranking results, and many how-to fix your existing SEO issues. But don’t take my word for it. Look at the all of the testimonials and success stories here, and the 100% NO-RISK GUARANTEE below. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Scroll back up and press the “Reserve Your Spot” button now before this offer expires.

      Ranking no. 1 online isn’t an accident … it’s a strategy.

      Dagmar Gatell

      SEO Expert, SEO Coach and SEO Strategist

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      symbol for 100 percent money back guarantee100% Risk-Free, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

      It’s completely human to be a little bit skeptical. Business online is not different then doing business offline. There are people everywhere over the internet who will upload videos or write in their sales pages how great they are. It’s very common to promise ranking overnight if you pay them $1,000s a month (as soon as you stop paying the ranking goes away too. Because it was not “real”). That’s the reason I offer a 100%, risk-free, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you, for ANY reason, don’t feel that your call was worth your investment, we’ll refund your complete payment instantly. That way you literally have NO RISK and NO REASON to let this special SEO review & intro session offer pass by you. Finally, if you haven’t already done so, click here to check out our testimonials and SEO success stories.

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