head shot of Dagmar Gatell, SEO Expert for Experts, SEO expert needed? Connect with Dagmar to let her guide you building your empire onlineSEO expert needed? If you want to work with an experienced, ethical and caring SEO expert you arrived at the right place.

Are you looking for guidance through SEO coaching to build your authority and empire online? Do you want to become an SEO professional who builds websites and empires for his or her clients?

You arrived at your final destination.

I talk the talk and walk the walk.

I will guide you to build your authority website for yourself, or your clients, gain visibility, and gain rankings plus targeted traffic coming to your site.


My SEO coaching lets you target your most profitable niche market online, connect with your target market, already looking for you and currently paying other websites for their products and service.

SEO Expert Needed – What 7 Top SEO Results You Will Achieve With Me

  1. Setting up a successful money-making online business that performs well with high rankings
  2. Positioning yourself online, better than any competitor
  3. Knowing what you need to do to pass anybody in your online market field
  4. Focusing your online social media activity on your most profitable niche
  5. Sharing with others what’s in for them so they connect with you
  6. Testing, measuring and improving to get online results you are looking for
  7. Using paid search as your advantage to make sales faster and not as an additional marketing expense

I am Dagmar Gatell. Your SEO expert who helps you to develop the right and needed understanding and knowledge to make smarter online business decisions. Make your decision now if you want to be in power of your business success.


SEO Expert Needed To Guide Non-Techie Women Entrepreneurs Who Want To Build International Empires Online

I also created the SEO for Women community membership to give women entrepreneurs the option to get their feet wet with search engine optimization and to grow your website over time.


SEO Expert Needed: Define Your Most Valuable Content Types: Blog SEO – Video SEO – Social Media SEO

As an SEO expert, I see content creation as written content (words), images, videos, and social interaction through social media activity, recommendations, to only name the main ones. Depending on the current value seen by the search engines, you can mainly divide this in blog SEO, video SEO and social media SEO. My SEO training classes for each specific topic are created for entrepreneurs, especially for internet marketers who want to increase your overall conversion numbers

  1. Blog SEO is all about how to use search engine optimization to find the best keywords, structure your blog site in a way that it is easy for spiders and visitors to navigate, provide highest content quality but also make it easy to understand and digest it. Blogs are used to interact and engage with online visitors. They too want to see if they land on the page that was promised in the search engine results.
  2. Video SEO is about the video content but much more about the video context. Every video provides the answer to a specific question online visitors looking for. This is your ticket for doing video marketing. Then when you upload it where and how you optimize your video is the key.
  3. Social Media SEO is mainly finding the right community that already exists and is looking for you. By engaging with and attracting them from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to your online presence you can gain on authority status and recognition.


dagmar gatell head shot, offering SEO training and coachingNew Definition Of Search Engine Optimization By SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell

Search engine optimization is mainly ranking for a specific keyword for many of my students and clients. They participate in my SEO training classes or want to get the Done For You SEO Service because their main goal is being number one on Google.

I just had a talk about this the other day. The women I spoke with was surprised as I said that I don’t care about a keyword. How can this be? Isn’t this your main focus as a SEO expert? she asked me.

SEO Myth

This SEO myth is used by many SEO service providers. They approach people by promising them exactly this, being ranked immediately and number one in Google.

Keywords are like currencies. Highly searched today, undervalued tomorrow. Making yourself depending on one keyword and being ranked for exactly this, gives your whole online approach a very fragile foundation. If people stop using your chosen keyword for search and start typing in a totally different one, your page can still be ranked but hasn’t traffic anymore. So what now?

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search engine optimization works is the following way: 1. Establishing and positioning yourself as the expert in an existing niche is the key to online success. 2. Providing high quality content for niche related keywords makes your foundation strong. 3. Other people sharing your content, 4. speaking about you and 5. linking to you as a reference, boom, you start making money. I know it sounds so easy but it is working. It takes a well structured marketing plan and an ongoing step-by-step implementation. So when you read this, don’t hesitate. Just do it!

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