SEO Consulting: Helping You To Turn Your Expertise Into A Global Business

headshot Dagmar Gatell, founder of Global Empire SEO Consulting, Orlando, Florida

Global Empire SEO Consulting helps you to grow a global website with authority status and strong competitive edge in your industry and online marketplace. Together with you and/or your in-house development and marketing team, SEO consultant Dagmar Gatell and her Global Empire SEO team look at your on-page and off-page SEO optimization, your internal link development and backlink strategy, your SEO website structure, and your content value and focus. Then we help you to find the SEO consulting service that provides you the best, most effective and economical solution for your online goals and marketing budget.

Our Global Empire SEO Consulting team is experienced in building and growing global websites and can help you from your website idea to growing your existing website as go-to expert and authority site.

We approach SEO from a logical and empathetic perspective and help you to

  • Understand and find out who your ideal client is.
  • Discover how you can attract targeted traffic, easily to convert.
  • Define money making keywords in your chosen niche and industry.
  • Develop the perfect SEO structure for global website.
  • Create marketing activities away from your website that bring your followers, fans and tribe back to your website for higher conversion results.

Find the full list of our SEO consulting services, from our monthly SEO consulting program to project related consulting.

Monthly SEO Consulting

Perfect for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Work With a Pro On An Ongoing Base in an Effective and Economical Way
  • Do you have a basic to good understanding of search engine optimization but want an experienced SEO consultant who confirms your approach and reassures you as you execute your changes? Dagmar and her Global Empire SEO team are here to guide you through a monthly retainer for SEO consulting services, offering the monthly following SEO consulting services:
  • SEO Strategy Development and Execution
  • Niche & Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Website SEO Structure Development and Executiong
  • Internal Linking & Backlink Strategy and Execution
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy Development and Execution
  • Fixing SEO issues and errors
  • SEO recommendations for better traffic, ranking and conversion results.
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SEO Projects

Perfect for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Work with a Pro on a Project, such as:
  • Do you already have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish with your search engine optimization efforts but you are looking for help and somebody to look over your shoulder and guide you while you implement your online goals?
  • No matter if you are launching or relaunching your website, building your website SEO structure or restructuring your existing website, our project related SEO consulting services guide you and/or your development team through all technical SEO situations you explore.
  • Website Launch/Relaunch,
  • Website SEO Structure/Restructure,
  • In-Depth/Technical SEO Audit, or
  • any other SEO Related Project
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Dagmar started in 2008 as an online marketing manager for an international company, overseeing their in-house marketing team while building dozens of topic and niche related websites and web stores to dominate the industry. In June 2012, she left her  high-paid job to start her ownSEO coaching and training company. Today, as an SEO consultant, SEO coach and SEO strategist, Dagmar and her Global Empire SEO Consulting team guide entrepreneurs, small businesses and subject matter experts to turn their expertise into a global business. The help them expand globally by attracting their ideal clients and growing their go-to expert website and authority worldwide.


Questions about our SEO consultation services?

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