First Search Engine Results Page: You See Yourself On The First Page of Google, Are You Really There?

First Search Engine Results Page, explaining the first 10 positions, divided in paid and organic search resultsFirst search engine results page, everybody I speak with as a SEO expert wants to appear there there. Many of my clients or students welcome me with the greeting “I want to be ranked number one in Google, can you help me?” Most of the time they expect one sentence as the answer. They are very surprised to learn being displayed or ranked number one on the first search engine results page has no value at all if you are missing traffic coming to your website, no visitor becomes a client, or nobody reads your blog. (more…)

Why SEO And UX Are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

a bread with peanut butter and jelly, symbolizing the connected relationship between SEO and UXWhat’s the relationship between SEO and UX (or search engine optimization and user experience?) Often times entrepreneurs see SEO tasks totally separate from UX design. But you need both. To attract and bring your ideal online client over to your site, then hold and convert them into your list, tribe and sales funnel. It’s like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (more…)

The Top Six Traffic Sources That Bring Your Ideal Client To Your Website

traffic in a city, symbolizing the seven different traffic sources onlineWhat traffic sources does your website attract? If you aren’t familiar with the different traffic sources that exist online, then you aren’t alone. Most people aren’t familiar with the six different ones. From organic free traffic, direct traffic, over referral traffic to paid and email traffic, you want them all. Nobody should throw all their eggs in one basket. Often it takes time to build up one traffic source. Then it’s good when you have five other traffic sources you can rely on. Read below what traffic sources are available online and how you can attract each of them. (more…)

Simple Blog SEO Strategy For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Create An Impact

blog seo written in letters on green backgroundWhat is Blog SEO? The purpose of Blog SEO is optimizing each blog post in a way that “spiders” (software programs used by the search engines to index and archive online content) easily see the search value of a specific blog post.

Another reason why I love Blog SEO as an SEO consultant is that well-ranked blog posts can be recognized for hundreds, sometimes thousands of different search terms. And because of this can bring you endless targeted online traffic to each post. Yeah! (more…)

How Your Website Security Influences Your Website’s Rankings And Performance

red lock within white locks representing the influence of website security to your website's rankings Can website security influence your website’s rankings? Website security is as essential as you locking the front door of your brick and mortar business.

It’s just not as visible.

Many make the mistake of thinking, that because their website is not yet huge or they are not famous, nobody would try to hack into their sites. But this is not the case.


What Is An Online Niche?

circles defining macro and micro niches, symbolizing the definition of what is an online nicheIf you are new to niche marketing the question “What is an online niche?” perhaps is the first one you are asking yourself. Online niches are created through the intent and need of your niche market.

There are niches that can be pretty profitable and bring you a lot of targeted, very specific traffic and great conversion rates. These online niches then become your “money makers”.

In other cases it can be that some niches attract people who wants to educate themselves, looking for keywords like “How To” or “What is”, who are great fans or  followers but perhaps never buy from you. (more…)

How Do Search Engines Work?

keyboard with the letters H E L P on top of it, symbolizing how do search engines workHow do search engines work, this is what a lot of newbies to the internet and SEO beginners often ask. At the end, the internet and living online is really all about two simple things, people who use the big search engines like Google and Bing to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. And websites that want to be found for exactly this.

Now that we know WHY people and websites are online, let’s find out how search engines work connecting the best results on the SERPs (search engine result pages) with a searcher’s query (the search term a search types in the Google search bar for example).


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