Organic SEO Guide to Build Your Global Authority Online

organic fruits and vegetables, symbolizing the benefit of using organic SEO strategies to grow traffic, gain ranking positions, and authority slowly but steady over time online

Organic SEO is kind the same as organic food. It’s better for your tummy. It helps you to stay healthy and vibrant long term. What works for your body works in the same way for your website. You create and share content others already searching for “naturally (and you don’t pay for having your content displayed).

Organic SEO has the benefit that it is free and builds up over a period of time. Paid traffic is the opposite. You pay per click or per impression. Which can become pricey depending on your own experience or the experience of the SEO marketing agency you hire. Google, Bing, or any other advertising services you hire will display your ad after a short approval time.

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What is Organic SEO?

Many entrepreneurs don’t know what organic search engine optimization (SEO) is. That’s the reason I wanted to share with you first the meaning of it in short words. To give you the opportunity to see the “gold pot” you have in your hands when you implement an SEO strategy on your website.

Organic SEO or organic search are describing the same: Listings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engines. They are displayed there because these listings have relevance to the search terms a human searcher typed in a search engines search bar.

Listings can be

  • websites,
  • social media networks,
  • images,
  • videos,
  • news,
  • articles,
  • local search results, or
  • “smart content” (Google has this content intelligently personalized to your customer’s needs and displays it in a box as the first result of a search query).

Source: Organic Search on Wikipedia

Who Uses SEO Organic Search?

Every online searcher who types a search query into a search engine’s search bar stimulates an organic search result. The results the search engines find are displayed on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The result of a search query is displayed within seconds. It can happy in this way because of the proper content labeling and categorizing by the search engines.

When the search engines send out “spiders” to find new or updated content online, these software programs index the content and bring it back into their huge archives for further preparations. To do this, you need to make sure your website is accessible for the search engines.

Search engines’ goal with organic search is to 100% match the

  • indexed,
  • labeled and
  • categorized

content in their archives with a searcher’s search query.

  1. To make the searcher happy and come back.
  2. To make the advertiser happy because the top three search results and the results in the side bar are paid searches.
  3. To demonstrate the great value a search engine provides to a searcher, no matter if they look for the nearby dentist, the next product they want to purchase, or to hire a coach helping them to move forward.

Organic SEO Techniques

There are hundreds of organic SEO techniques you can follow. I found that the key of implementing organic SEO techniques is that they

  • fit your target market and their needs
  • fulfill your own unique online needs

SEO techniques can be

  • making sure your website is mobile friendly
  • integrating your SEO keyword strategy in your business and marketing plan
  • holding your website’s content focused on what you want to be found for (to prevent watering down your website’s content)
  • aligning your content creation process with your keyword research
  • repurposing, republishing, and reposting your evergreen content
  • labeling your articles for better search engine recognition
  • doing a competitive analysis to know what your competitors are doing so you can do it better

Creating An Organic SEO Strategy – Making Money And Making A Difference In The World

Developing an SEO strategy is beneficial for any entrepreneur who wants to make money and a difference in the world. By combining both goals, making money and making a difference, the organic SEO strategy may include the following elements:

  • picking a target market who is similar to you (you are your ideal client!)
  • focusing on one but not more than two main niches to make it easy for the search engines to recognize you as authority
  • knowing what your competitors are doing and do it better
  • using a mix of informational and commercial keywords to attract searchers ready to buy (making money) but also searchers who are looking to learn from experts, or to follow recommendations of an online authority
  • building a website structure that attracts the search engines and online visitors
  • creating content that is keyword focused, persuasive, worth sharing and recommended by others
  • testing, measuring and analyzing your online content
  • setting up conversion goals in your analytic system
  • using A/B split testing to tweak existing content for better conversions and performance


Every entrepreneur wants traffic, rankings, and conversions. If you would focus just on this, I don’t think there is an online niche that doesn’t provide any. But if you are a purpose driven entrepreneur who wants to make money and be happy about how you makes a difference in the world, this requires a good and proven strategy. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It includes

  • finding the right niche for your purpose,
  • knowing what are the right keywords for you,
  • how to build your website’s architecture,
  • creating the content and online engagement that does both, making you money and increasing your reach to impact many.

You need to develop a proven SEO strategy that fits your unique online needs as a business owner and your purpose of being in business. So you can create wealth and be happy doing what you love.

We offer 1-on-1 and SEO group coaching programs to guide purpose driven entrepreneurs filling their wallet and fulfilling their purpose. For entrepreneurs who want it done for them, we offer SEO expert services to build their authority and niche positioning blueprint for them. All what they have to do then is to develop the keyword focused content with our copy writing expert in our Global Empire SEO team and voila, the foundation of their authority site is built.

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