yellow box dividing the 4 different parts of online content opportunitiesOnline content opportunities, what are they and how can you use them to benefit your business goals? In this part 3 of our 4-part blog post series, I want to share with you from a SEO Expert perspective, what makes content worth reading, listening and watching. First without a question you need to have high-quality content like blog posts people enjoy to read, great images and engaging videos available to get found on the first search engine results page.

People will only look through the first one to three search results and click on what fits their search criteria the most. Some will go deeper to the fifth or sixth results on the search page. Only few go to the search result position nine or ten and click on it. But what happens when online visitors choose you, you get the online traffic and they come to your website?

4 Online Content Opportunities You Want To Implement

  1. Satisfying expectations:

    Am I right that we all have found blog posts or videos we expected something else as we clicked on the search result? And left immediately? Sometimes we stayed for few seconds and made a subconscious decision, like “Am I going deeper on the page or am I out?” There is no difference between spiders, the software programs coming to your website and evaluating your online content or online visitors. Whatever you promised in the search result on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for example, you need to fulfill.

    For example, you promised tips and information about auto insurances for young drivers. Somebody clicks on it and comes to a page where they see “request a free car insurance quote”. Nothing about auto insurances for drivers with younger ages. The online visitors find no or only low-quality content. Did you fulfill their expectations? In my experience as a SEO Expert the bounce rate (meaning the percentage of people leaving not only this page but the entire website) is pretty high. The hope to convert traffic to customers gone.

    SEO Tip: Make sure that the content you provide on your page is related to the promise you made on the search result page in the search engines. If you experience that you don’t attract traffic or can’t convert the traffic that comes in, a SEO review will help you to create the necessary actions steps for improvement.

  2. Most important things first:

    Many of us will arrive at a website and scan through the content. If we like what we see and you have some images that hold our attention we will scroll down. If not, we will leave.

    Let us use the same example as above. Your goal was to create a page with tips and information about car insurances for young drivers. First you write everything about insurances, what different insurance types you offer, the benefits of them, and at the end after many, many words you finally write something about younger drivers. Did you fulfill the online visitor’s expectation who came to your website? In my experience as a SEO Expert focusing on the page’s goal is the key. If you don’t do this and your online visitors are bored or frustrated they will leave immediately.

    SEO Tip: Engaging content, personalized videos and images for entertainment brings the visitor deeper on your page will give them the feeling you provide good quality content and made the effort to please them.

  3. Checking Out Your Site, Not Only A Post

    It happens many times to me but perhaps to you too, you click on a link in the search engine results, come to a blog post, enjoy the content and would like to read more. But there is nothing in the post itself that leads you deeper.

    Lets us use the example of the young drivers’ auto insurances from above. You come to a great content page, satisfying your need to read about what you have to know to buy a car insurance for your teenager son. But where is the quote form you want to fill out to get the pricing? You can’t find it on the page. So you start wandering around, up to the navigation bar, to the side bar, and to the blog categories. The feeling of being lost increases and you are not in the mood anymore to look further. You leave the website. In my experience as a SEO Expert missing the chance to bring your visitors deeper, show them the “meat” (depth of a website)

    SEO Tip: Provide options to explore the website deeper. Add links throughout your written content or images. Make it easier for me to find what I am looking for. So I stay on your website.

  4. What Do You Want Me To Do?

    So I am on your blog post. I like what I see. You make it easy for me to dig deeper and find more valuable information. Your content is all about to satisfy my desire as your visitor. But how do you as the website owner benefit from it?

    Let us go back to the car insurance example for young drivers. Your son needs a vehicle insurance and you search for good information online. You arrive at a page that provides great information and you find everything you were looking for. If you want to get a price quote would you be willing to give your name and email address in exchange? If yes, then I as the website owner did a good job. You do what I want you to do, giving me your contact information and permission to contact you directly. This action is named call to action. Your online visitors does what you want them to do. Call to actions can be offers visitors sign up for, phone numbers so they can call you, invitation to go to another page on your web site, everything that benefits your visitors and you.

    SEO Tip: Add your call to action in the natural flow of the content. Sticking out too much or sounding too much like selling will scare off your visitors. Provide quality content first before you ask for a favor. Show them that doing you a favor will doing themselves a favor in the first place.

Do you like the value I provided to you? Would you prefer to discuss SEO questions with me as your SEO expert? Want your website reviewed for better search engine optimization? Just leave a comment for me on this blog post, reach me through my contact me page or be an action-taker now. Book your life changing one hour SEO business strategy session with me as your SEO Expert and start to positioning successfully online!

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