Niching Your Business And Website Online: Industry Examples

niche in stone, representing the treasure you can find when niching your business and website

Niching your business, brand, products, and website can be pretty powerful. Perhaps you heard before, “Be the big fish in a small pond, not a small fish in a big pond“. By being the “big fish” you have the opportunity to become the leader in your industry and to dominate your niche through passing your competitors.

Kim Shivler, WordPress coach and trainer to build online courses, and SEO coach, strategist and expert Dagmar Gatell created this live streaming series to share how entrepreneurs can build an online presence to attract a specific niche market and be recognized as the leader in their market.

Watch the videos below where experts from different industries. fields and online niches share their experience and results. Hear how they could increase their conversions just because they niched their business by creating content, products, and services online their targeted niche market was looking for.

Will it Niche? – Episode 0

In this video you’ll learn the basics of niching anything but especially when you want to set up your business online and create a website, not for the masses, but for your ideal client. The ones who are eager to read your blog posts, work with you and cannot wait to use your latest eproducts.

Niching Your Holiday Content – Episode 1

Seasonal content and sales offers are time sensitive. But not only this. They also need to have specific hashtags to let your ideal client easily understand what you offer and why they need to act now. Watch the video where Dagmar and Kim explain in detail what you want to do when and where to increase the conversion rates for your seasonal product and service offers.

I have been working with Dagmar for a few months now and the results have been incredible. From no conversions or traffic to my website now I get most of my business from people looking for services like mine on the internet.

Shirly Gilad

Hypnotherapist, Integrative Hypnotherapy Boca Raton

Niching Your Sales Funnel – Episode 2

April Iannazzone, sales and international business coach, joined Kim and Dagmar to share how you can successfully structure and niche down a sales funnel to increase your conversion rate. Selling to the masses is tough. The broader a market, the more expectations, needs and different user intents your prospects can have.

If you go more narrow, suddenly most or all of your prospects have the same or very similar needs, problems, or intentions behind the original online search. Watch and learn how you should niche down your sales funnel to gain a higher return-on-investment.

Niching Online Training Courses – Episode 3

This is Kim’s specialty. She is the one who is the pro and expert in content creation, courseware, and content delivery to build online courses. In this Blab show, Kim explains how entrepreneurs can make their content easier to digest for their students, what courseware is available and works less or better, and the different delivery methods.

Industry Examples For Niching Your Website And Online Biz

Niching a Luxury Adventure Business – Episode 4

In this Blab episode Kim and I had the pleasure to interview Lisa Montgomery from Luxurious Fishing Vacations. Lisa sells high end luxurious fishing vacations in North and South Alaska, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil and Belize. She shared how by niching down her luxurious adventure travel business and website has helped her to attract the right target market, the ones who are looking for high end fishing vacation packages ready to be converted and to start the trip of their lifetime.

Niching a Health Business – Episode 5

In this Blab show Kim and Dagmar interviewed Shirly Gilad from Integrative Hypnotherapy in Boca Raton, Florida. Shirly is a local hypnotherapist and her local services are all around hypnosis providing solutions for different issues, like illnesses, stress, weight loss, bad habits, etc. By niching down not her business services (which has a very low search demand in local numbers) but the topics people looking for, Shirly could attract local clients who were looking for solutions to their needs to her hypnotherapy business in South Florida.

By listening to Dagmar I have a new domain name that is what people are using to find my services, not my business name that only meant something to me. Professionals and celebrities are finding me now and it’s all due to expert and professional SEO work done by Dagmar. I highly recommend her services!

Lisa Montgomery

Luxurious Fishing Vacations

Niching Black Paris & Beyond – Episode 6

This is the most unusual and targeted niche Dagmar ever had the pleasure to niche down and up with. Julia Browne from Walking The Spirit is the Black Paris Tours & Beyond travel expert. She shared in this Blab show that she already was an established expert in the Black Paris niche and how Dagmar helped her to gain better ranking positions. Plus how she could niche up her very specific Black Paris niche to make her business less depending on situations affecting the sales results she cannot influence, like the terror attacks in Paris.

Niching a Local Relationship Business – Episode 7

Dawn Wiggins from Dawn Wiggins Therapy, a local marriage counseling, couples and family therapy office in Boca Raton, Florida, was the guest on this Blab show. Local SEO works very differently then topic related SEO. Dawn niched down her business to fit the local search demand. Local search results are highly depending on your local Google+ page, the SEO optimization of it, the quality and number of reviews, plus the citations going to your site. Listen to the interview where Dawn also describes her unique approach and edge in her local field that makes her stand out from her competitors.

It’s been a few months since we’ve worked with Dagmar on restructuring our website and improving our online presence. Since that time, we’ve had a large increase in calls and business, including an inquiry from Trinidad with their desire to bring our training to schools in that country. We are certain that without Dagmar’s work, we would not have been found online by this institution.

Steve S Smith

Active Shooter Training Provider, Guardian Defense

Niching a Travel Business – Episode 8

Ruth Collins from Luxe Women Travel, a travel expert in the women travel together and solo industry, was the guest in this Blab show. She shares how niching down her business has helped her to categorize her travel itineraries and services to fit the online need like luxury group travel and solo travel.

But not only this, Ruth also added luxury cruise travel to her website variety, divided in ocean and river cruises worldwide.

Niching a Safety And Prevention Business – Episode 9

Steve S Smith is the founder of Guardian Defense, an active shooter training service provider, located in Boca Raton, Florida. His company offers active shooter and active killer training programs for schools, colleges, churches, hospitals, businesses, and local law enforcement. Before Steve started working with Dagmar, he originally went after the “active shooter” market which does not only involve the training aspect but every news announcement, forum discussion, or active shooter naming in social media posts. By niching down his business to fulfill the needs of each of market, Steve also updated his existing training program for schools and created new ones for each target market.

Ready to niche down your business and website to attract and convert your ideal client?

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