Niche Marketing – Grow Your Worldwide Authority By Becoming The Go-To Expert And Leader In Your Field

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Niche marketing for entrepreneurs, small businesses and subject matter expertsAre you an entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge but your voice stays unheard? Is your goal to become the go-to expert and authority in your global online niche but you don’t know how? Growing your authority status online takes the right strategy and execution. But especially when you are an expert with in-depth knowledge and experience it takes one more thing:

The right go-to expert and online authority niche positioning.

Because many entrepreneurs did not invest any time in finding their ideal niche online but also are not in being positioned in an online niche at all, in their most profitable niche, or the niche they choose is not connected to their desire (happens when they chose a niche that does not fit their message nor the way how they want to create an impact). And because of this, you, the entrepreneur, often market himself or herself to a target market that is not their niche market. They are not interested in you, nor what you have to offer. You cannot attract nor connect with people. But there are others …the ones in your niche market

  • who are already waiting for you and
  • what you have to offer but buying from your competitor currently.

But there are more niche marketing elements you want to be aware of when building and growing your go-to expert status and authority online.

So what can you do?

Niche Marketing – Make Money and Create An Impact

Scroll down and check out the seven niche marketing components every entrepreneur ready to grow their online authority and global go-to expert niche online needs to know about. green background with white lettering, presenting the four phases of niche marketing

7 Niche Marketing Elements That Make Or Break Your
Go-To Expert Positioning

Niche Marketing – Element #1: Your Ideal Client’s Needs

Do you know your target market? Many entrepreneurs have a good understanding who their target market is. Only few are aware of that every target market is divided into many niche markets. What’s the difference between target market and niche market?

  • Target market: Everybody who could use your products and services.
    • Example: Selling insurances to EVERYBODY who needs insurances.
  • Niche market: A specific group of people within your target market.
    • Example: Selling car insurances for teenagers.

TIP: For me as an SEO consultant and coach, identifying your prospects needs and picking a niche market that fulfills their needs the most are key.

[bctt tweet=”Pick the niche market where you can fulfill their needs the most with ease and quick.”]

A question I often get asked is why they should leave money on the table and not monetize the whole marketplace. Often times marketing to a niche market is less competitive and brings higher conversion rates. Promoting your services and products to a specific niche market makes it also easier to share a clear message and attract the right prospects immediately, without them having further questions what exactly it is you sell.

Niche Marketing – Element #2: Your Expert Services, Programs And Products

Do you promote all your services, programs and products at the same time? This could be very overwhelming to your niche market and their needs, depending on the buying cycle they are.

  • It’s often the best to create your ideal sales funnel with freebie, lower end products and higher end services. In the old days, prospects come into the sales funnel by signing up for your newsletter or another irresistible offer (opt in).
  • Today, there is no fixed procedure prospects follow. Customers who already bought a high end coaching program from you could go back to your website and sign up for your weekly newsletter.

TIP: Create a sales funnel sheet including each freebie, product, program, and service you offer plus the value of each and how they can opt in or purchase it. In this way you know what content you need to create and provide to attract the right niche market.

Niche Marketing – Element #3: Your Most Profitable And Desirable Global Online Niche

There are millions of online niches you can pick from. How can you find your most profitable and desirable online niche? It helps a lot when you know very well HOW your

  • services,
  • programs and
  • products

satisfy your prospects. A good online niche for you can be your prospects problems, challenges or the solutions you offer. TIP: Finding your most profitable and desirable online niche should be part of every SEO strategy when building the foundation of your niche authority empire. It’s like building a house. If you have a strong base, no hurricane nor tornado can damage it.

Niche Marketing – Element #4: Your Go-To Expert And Authority Positioning In Your Perfect Online Niche

Believe it or not, 99% of experts who start coaching or training with us are NOT positioned in any niche, or positioned in the wrong niche. How so? Because positioning in an online niche means much more than “believing” others know what you want to be known and recognized for. When you are positioned in an online niche then there are facts: You can see it on the

  • ranking numbers,
  • amount of traffic you receive for a specific niche keyword, and
  • how much trust and authority your website and overall online presence has.

TIP: Do not assume you know. This feeling gives you the wrong confidence to deny to find out the facts. Facts weigh online the most. You can see in your analytic report how your visitors behave on your website and overall online presence, and what results you gain. Your ranking report shows you your ranking gains and losses. Don’t look on the first page of Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages) to check if you come up there or not. This is NOT a ranking report. You see there your personalized search results. It doesn’t mean you are ranked.

Niche Marketing – Element #5: Dominating Your Online Niche As Go-To Expert and Authority

Everybody wants to dominate their online niche. If you are an entrepreneur with

  • in-depth knowledge and
  • outstanding experience in your field,

it is much easy to dominate your chosen global online niche. All what it takes is to find out what your competitors are already doing. So you can do it better.

TIP: Doing a competitive analysis helps to find your competitors’ strengths, their weaknesses, and seeing your opportunities. You don’t want to go and compete with your competitors’ strong points because it could take you a long time, effort and money to be better. Often times it is much wiser to go into their weaknesses and to start dominating this way.

Niche Marketing – Element #6: Building Your Online Niche Empire As Go-To Expert And Global Authority

What does it take to grow your global authority to an online niche empire? Commitment, consistency, persistence. Entrerpeneurs use their in-depth knowledge and expertise wisely to build an automated sales funnel. So they can fully focus on creating high quality free content to attract their fans, build their tribe and convert their traffic into paying customers and clients.

TIP: Entrepreneurs often start with one niche website but don’t stop there. They build up their go-to expert niche empire by fulfilling their prospects needs in all phases of their sales funnel. By adding membership sites, online training courses, product sites, lead generating sites, more niche and topic related sites, web stores, training sites, forums, directories, and so on to to grow an go-to expert niche empire.

Niche Marketing – Element #7: Your Go-To Expert And Online Niche Authority Opportunities and Challenges


  1. Creating more content means more opportunities
  2. Many different ways to monetize your in-depth knowledge and expertise
  3. One product, program and service PER niche market
  4. Easier customer fulfillment
  5. Faster ranking results
  6. Higher conversion rates


  1. Many opportunities could feel overwhelming if not structured right
  2. There is only so much time in a day … what should I do first?
  3. No automated sales process in place
  4.  Burn-out syndrome if no content strategy is in place
  5. Tries to do it all and not building a team
  6. Outsourcing but not overseeing the process
  7. Working in your business and not on your business

TIP: Building an online go-to expert and authority niche empire provides huge opportunities for growth, cash flow, freedom, and the satisfying feeling to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. On the other hand, it is … building a business and empire online. If you believe you have a message worth hearing worldwide and the passion to get up every day and do what it takes to share it, building an expert niche empire becomes very rewarding and easy to you.


These seven niche marketing components for entrepreneurs make you aware of that it is not one thing but a combination of things you need to do, from finding your most profitable and desirable online niche, over positioning yourself as the go-to expert and global authority in your chosen online niche, passing by your competitors, to growing your online niche to your niche authority empire. The most successful purpose driven experts are the ones who get up in the morning, visualize how their day will be and focus on their big goals by braking them down into daily digestible bits. If you believe you have what it takes to make money and create a bigger impact worldwide, don’t let anything nor anybody stop you.


Be an expert of distinction and start building your go-to expert and online niche authority empire today!

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