image, saying MLM marketing does not make sense unless and my conclusion from an SEO perspectiveIf you just started with MLM marketing or you are an multi level marketer since a while you know, this is a TOTALLY HARD business! You mainly work day and night, everywhere you go. At the beginning … you approach your family, your friends, your networking partners, then everybody you meet.

Because you want to make it! You want to sell products,
make money and build your team.

Do you know this feeling?


Three Main Reasons MLM Marketing People Do Wrong From An SEO Perspective


#1    It’s all about the product (not the people)

When I think from a search engine perspective (what I often do :-), promoting products online, or offline, is tough. People compare your offer with

  • Amazon,
  • Ebay, or
  • anybody else who has the same or a similar product.

It often is all about the price point and the product features. Do you know what I mean? People identify YOU with your product or MLM marketing company.  

#2   MLM marketing people try to “sell” the products or business opportunities (and don’t connect with their prospects from a deeper purpose level)

Who wants to be sold to? Nobody. It is much easier online than offline to attract people. Because online, people already search for

  • what YOU have to offer 
  • find YOU and YOUR WEBSITE (depending on your keyword focused content and others. share or recommend your site)

Remember what happens when somebody puts a cookie on our digital “butt” and wherever we go, we see the same ad again and again (re-marketing). We get annoyed. And won’t buy the product at all.   People buy from you because of YOU, not because of the products or opportunities you offer.  

#3   They aren’t “experts” (not meant as somebody with a certification but as somebody who is knowledgeable with a unique edge)

People often are in a situation where they need or want to make money with MLM marketing in the first place. They

  • agree to sell products without having deeper knowledge about them
  • promote products we do not use in our “real” life
  • have no desire nor passion for the products or the business opportunity
  • sign up because we want to make the money

  People want to be inspired, educated and enriched. By somebody who knows what they are talking about. From an SEO perspective when you build your online presence, your website, your social media activity, you want to be recognized as the Go-To expert in your field. As somebody people come to when they have questions.   When you start building your website, do your keyword research first and choose the niche you want to be seen as authority in. Then create your site’s content around this niche. To attract the right target market and gain opt ins to build your list.    


People identify YOU with your product or MLM marketing company. People buy from you because of YOU, not because of the products or opportunities you offer. People want to be inspired, educated and enriched, by experts.   What does stay while all products perhaps come and go? YOU.   A great way I see many successful MLM marketing people do is to  


  From an SEO perspective it totally makes sense. New products come, old ones expire. But you grow, more and more, over time, your knowledge, expertise, passion, you as a person. To set up   People join your team because of YOU, not because of the business opportunity.   

The same works for websites.

  If you aren’t a web store, you aren’t normally ranked for your products. Search engines rank well websites presenting themselves as experts, knowledgeable with a unique edge. Sites that provide

  • amazing content,
  • focused on the needs of the online searchers,
  • recognized as authority and
  • recommended by others.

  To do all of this right, you need to have a strategy, an SEO business strategy, in place.  

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