green dot with lettering local biz and red arrow on yellow background, presenting the work of a local seo expertWorking with a local SEO expert and don’t get the online leads you are looking for? There could be many different reasons why your SEO expert doesn’t work out for you. Is your goal to find an affordable SEO expert who can fulfill your unique online needs? Don’t take the cheapest one! No matter if you are in the same industry than other blue color professionals (plumbers, electricians, air conditioning, etc) or white color professionals (doctors, labs, etc), you need a customized long term SEO business strategy. One that just works for your unique online business goals. Scroll down and check out the three things you want to know local SEO your own local expert perhaps missed to let you know about. * * *

3 Things Your Local SEO Expert May Never Told You About

Choosing The Right Local SEO Expert – Tip #1: It Takes A Village To Raise A Child.

Word of Mouth, do your neighbors talk about you? Local SEO is often just one keyword for many local SEO experts. Entrepreneurs hire an SEO expert. And the next thing the local SEO experts do is that they ask their clients what they do, their occupation and the location(s) they offer their services. And voila, there is your local SEO keyword. Is it as easy as this?

  • The beauty of local SEO is that you are part of a local community online, not a stand alone service on the internet. Your local site needs to be integrated into its local online environment.
  • Just by throwing the geo keyword (occupational keyword & geo target) on the homepage of a local site, there is nothing to win anymore.
  • Your local services need to be part of and integrated in the overall SEO and site architecture of your local site, not just your homepage.

* * *

Choosing The Right Local SEO Expert – Tip #2: Google Doesn’t Care What You Say

You say you are THE expert in your field? Google will only listen to you if other searchers agree. WHAT do others say about you, HOW OFTEN, and WHERE?

  • We all know about ratings and reviews on Amazon. And how Amazon “hunts” you when you bought something and didn’t leave a review yet. Why? Because it is a trust indicator for Amazon’s visitors and buyers. And it increases the seller’s credibility.
  • Your local SEO expert needs to help you creating the same effect. So local people who find you through local searches online but … never met you before, can create the same trust.
  • Different to ratings and reviews are recommendations. Local SEO experts often use local online directories to create backlinks for your website. Google, Bing and the other search engines see them as local recommendations for your site.
  • Local directories and getting links from them to your local site are great to have … when they are authority sites and well ranked. Just getting links from low end local directories don’t help but can damage your site’s authority and ranking efforts.

* * *

Choosing The Right Local SEO Expert – Tip #3: It takes a long term strategy. Not a 3-month trial

Are you done raising a child or growing a tree in three month? Did you sign up with your local SEO expert because you were promised a 3-month trial? Promising you to rank your local site within the first three months but … scaring you that if you would cancel their local SEO services then, you could lose everything?

  1. Local SEO rankings are often accomplished by using the latest SEO tools, not a long term SEO strategy.
  2. Yes, your rankings will change due to competitor changes, new competitors coming on board or increasing their online activity. The internet IS change.
  3. But in reality, if your local SEO expert sets up the right site architecture for you, with all the on-site and off-site local SEO business strategies needed, there is no light wind that can bring your rankings down. It needs to be a real hurricane.
  4. If your local SEO expert uses tools to rank you (make a conscious decision if you want to be depend on a tool), the rankings can happen fast. And fall fast after you stop paying. Ask at least for a 6-12 month local SEO strategy.
  5. Don’t focus only to rank number one for your geo keyword and that’s it. Don’t throw all eggs in one basket. This is your local online business, not a thing you gamble about. Focus on and measure your business conversions.

* * * It makes a huge difference if you implement an SEO strategy or an SEO business strategy. The SEO strategy gets your local business the traffic and ranking you are seeking. But what you really want are … BUSINESS CONVERSIONS. An business SEO strategy takes a look at the bigger picture. Not just to rank your keywords or to be ranked for right now. Most of the entrepreneurs who contact me want to gain more traffic and rankings right now fast.

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Dagmar Gatell
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Dagmar Gatell is an internationally respected SEO consultant, coach and strategist. She is the founder of Global Empire SEO Consulting.

She successfully guides entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and businesses, by turning their expertise into successful global revenue generating businesses. Dagmar uses her expertise and instinct to create cutting-edge, targeted solutions to help you attract the right customers, convert leads and grow your business. Her SEO expertise is especially appreciated by her clients when creating demand and lead generating websites and online social presence.

Dagmar’s purpose-lead SEO consulting and coaching will help you leverage your companies expertise by becoming the go-to expert/product in your industry.

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