First Search Engine Results Page: You See Yourself On The First Page of Google, Are You Really There?

First Search Engine Results Page, explaining the first 10 positions, divided in paid and organic search resultsFirst search engine results page, everybody I speak with as a SEO expert wants to appear there there. Many of my clients or students welcome me with the greeting “I want to be ranked number one in Google, can you help me?” Most of the time they expect one sentence as the answer. They are very surprised to learn being displayed or ranked number one on the first search engine results page has no value at all if you are missing traffic coming to your website, no visitor becomes a client, or nobody reads your blog. (more…)

SEO In Inbound Marketing: How Important Is It For Your Go-To Expert Website?

Andy Crestodina and Dagmar Gatell, talking about the value of SEO in inbound marketing

What’s the real value of SEO in inbound marketing? This was one of the questions that brought Andy and me together in our love for search engine optimization. I met Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media, a Chicago web design company, the first time on Twitter. He wrote this great post about the visual elements on your website that bring your visitors away and not deeper into your site. And then I caught one of his live streaming shows “Content Matters” on Blab . He recognized me from my retweets and asked me to join the live show. (more…)

Event Hashtag: How To Bring Online Visibility To Your Event In 7 Days Or Less

yellow box with black lettering, event hashtag: how to gain visibility for your event in 7 days. best event everAn event hashtag is the absolute key to bringing online “visibility” to your event or speaking gig. There is nothing more important to an SEO coach  as using keyword focused and topic relevant content in making your event findable online.

Learn more about SEO hashtag strategies, plus how using branded hashtags help your event to be recognized and to stir up conversations. All of our SEO strategies  are fully focused on helping you to promote your online or offline events by gaining more online visibility. Scroll down to read more about event hashtag visibility now.


Who Else Wants To Know About The Difference Between SEO And Meta Tag Keywords?

yellow box with words, describing the difference between SEO and meta tag keywordsWhat is the difference between SEO and Meta Tag Keywords? A long time ago in the Internet world, search engine optimization was a technique to get displayed on the first page of  any search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. You could accomplish this by displaying your keyword everywhere on your web page and in your meta tags. Meta tag keywords were keywords, added into a specific field in the back end of a website. They gave spiders (software programs sent out by search engines to find and index content) a direction what the website or landing page was all about. Doing this right brought you visibility and ranking results on the search engines plus visitors came to your website or any other landing page within your site. With this comes the opportunity to convert the visitors to clients and to increase your cash flow. (more…)

Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts – SEO FAQ For Entrepreneurs

bubble with words nobody reads your blog and red question markYou think nobody reads your blog? I hear this statement again and again when I teach my SEO training classes or give one-on-one SEO coaching sessions. Many entrepreneurs think “Nobody reads  my blog posts. What sense does it make to create more or to be on the Internet with a website at all?”

Many myths go on regarding to the topic. Some experts say to wait a little bit longer and they will come. Especially if it is a new website. If your website is a few (more…)

Online Content Opportunities That Increase Your SEO ROI

yellow box dividing the 4 different parts of online content opportunitiesOnline content opportunities, what are they and how can you use them to benefit your business goals? In this part 3 of our 4-part blog post series, I want to share with you from a SEO Expert perspective, what makes content worth reading, listening and watching. First without a question you need to have high-quality content like blog posts people enjoy to read, great images and engaging videos available to get found on the first search engine results page.

People will only look through the first one to three search results and click on what fits their search criteria the most. Some will go deeper to the fifth or sixth results on the search page. Only few go to the search result position nine or ten and click on it. But what happens when online visitors choose you, you get the online traffic and they come to your website? (more…)

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