cartoons running to a red cross, stands how-to increase website trafficIncrease website traffic – but HOW? Many of my clients and students believe they know exactly what content they need to create to get more traffic to their website. They are surprised when I tell them as a SEO expert that I first have to do my keyword research before I say anything out of a feeling or assumption.

Search engine optimization works very simple. There are facts and you can decide to go with it, listen to an SEO expert, do your own research and provide answer to the questions people have online. Or you can go with your feeling or assumption and you think you just know what’s right. The result in the second case could be that nobody reads your blog posts.

Not doing the keyword research, in my experience as a SEO expert three things can happen:

  1. You just get lucky and receive the website traffic by accident, for right now, for a while or,
  2. You figure it out later by re-structuring your website or re-creating your content, or,
  3. You give up when your website is dying because there is no traffic coming to your website.

Unfortunately this is very typical – the reason? You are providing content nobody is looking for.

Let us think back of the first search engine results page story with George. He felt so confident that his chosen keyword “advanced education for insurance companies” was so good that he would be displayed on the first page of Google. Now we know better. In fact when you do the proper keyword search you will find out that there is zero search demand for the word combination above. Surprised? So how can you get or increase website traffic?


Increase Website Traffic By …

Content Worth Creating

What makes content worth writing, designing or recording?

  • Hire an SEO expert or do the keyword research yourself but make sure you really set up the keyword research the right way. The proper keyword research is your KEY to traffic success and the best opportunity to create great content.
  • Choosing a keyword with a good search demand, a low competitor number, that you can provide content for.
  • Focusing on fulfilling the readers needs. If you want to provide everything for everybody the content will be watered down.
  • Writing the most important content first. Remember search engines and online visitors are impatient. They will leave if they can’t find right away what they are looking for.
  • Entertaining, Education, Engaging – all this is very important if you want to build relationships with online visitors.
  • If you still explore that you don’t get traffic coming to your website or you can’t convert the traffic to customers, a SEO review helps to see your site from a search engine perspective and find out what you can improve this issue.

Content Worth Designing

Did you ever land on a blog post and there wasn’t one picture, only endless text? Horrible, right? So what makes content worth designing?

  • Yes, images need to provide the proper keywords too. They have to be named properly so that spiders and visual impaired people can still “see” what you want to share.
  • Pictures, images, drawings, everything that shows something or somebody. Remember people use different senses. Most of us like to be engaged visually. Good quality is must. If the drawing looks like cut out of something else and copied three times, it is better exclude it than gives an unprofessional impression.
  • Strong, vibrant colors are often better than weak, muted ones. The image on your blog post will perhaps be displayed on the search engine result page. Strong colors will increase the chance of somebody clicking on the picture.  And with this it can increase website traffic.

Content Worth Videotaping

You will read it more and more, especially from a SEO expert. Video content is the new IT and an awesome social media SEO opportunity to find your undeveloped real estate! People want to see, hear and touch. They want to be entertained. They don’t want to read anymore and they are impatient. So what makes content worth videotaping?

  • Yes again, you need to know your keyword when you video tape too. How else would you know if somebody is already searching for the video content you want to provide?
  • Audio is more important than seeing the video well. If people can’t understand you, they will leave.
  • Tell them what to expect and they will stay. Don’t tell them and they will leave whenever they want to or feel bored. Don’t assume your video is so great that everybody knows. They don’t!

Do you need traffic-bringing keyword research done by a proven SEO expert? Would you like to discuss other SEO questions? Want to  search engine optimize your online presence or social media? Just increase your website traffic?

Just leave me a comment on this blog post, reach me through my contact me page or just go ahead NOW and book your life changing one hour SEO business strategy session to your online success with me.

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