image representing experts in different fields, used to symbolize the topic hire an SEO expertHire an SEO expert! Isn’t that what every third Facebook ad tells you to do? An SEO expert to grow your global authority, for local SEO or in general, these ads popping up around every corner online. Outsourcing service sites offer you the option to hire SEO experts from overseas. Because they are seen as more affordable SEO experts. Many entrepreneurs I speak with look for an SEO expert who DOES IT ALL. Ranking their website immediately. Bringing the huge amount of traffic to their site. These entrepreneurs often don’t want to be involved, just having somebody doing it for them. That’s the entrepreneurs who come to me few months or a year later, upset and complaining about that they got ripped off and didn’t get anything for their money. No matter if you do DIY SEO (Do it Yourself), work with an SEO coach or use SEO services, an SEO expert is needed whenever you need to tap into their expertise and knowledge of attracting the right targeted traffic, gaining first page rankings organically, or increasing your online conversions. Scroll down and check out the answers to “What questions do you want to ask BEFORE and AFTER you hire an SEO expert?” * * *

Hire An SEO Expert Who Fits Your Unique Online Needs

Read the 10 SEO questions below to make sure you get the business results you are looking for online.  

5 Questions To Ask BEFORE You Hire An SEO Expert

# 1 Where does your experience come from?

  1. A title or degree sounds good. But the experience comes from implementing, testing, measuring and improving.
  2. Learning and training are theory. Experience comes from making mistakes and fixing them in real online life.
  3. There is no reward that comes from talking. Only doing.
  4. Listen to their answers. Make your own decision about their ability to help you.

* * *

#2 What was the biggest mistake you ever made?

  1. My biggest mistake? Believing SEO was just as simple as implementing SEO tasks. Understanding the bigger “picture” and WHY (SEO business strategy) behind any SEO tasks helps to focus on the long term goals, not the short term ranking results.
  2. When you ask them about their “big” SEO mistakes their answer should not be “I don’t make mistakes”. Listen to his or her answers carefully and use it as an indicator for your future work together.
  3. Do you want somebody who does make mistakes in their own time and can help you prevent making yours?

* * *

# 3 Do you use tools to get on the 1st page of Google?

  1. No indicates that they have a plan or strategy in place to help you get ranked organically.
  2. YES comes with the risk that your ranking results are created through a tool, not from your website’s content. Stop using their tools and your results could be gone, too.
  3. Google and Bing do not like “tools” that pretend website’s value and ranking. Ask your SEO expert about the risk using these tools. Then make your own educated decision.

* * *

# 4 Can you promise me ranking results?

  1. If they immediately say, “YES”, just run. It is up to the search engines to rank websites or not.
  2. There is a realistic chance to be ranked over time if you have what it takes to be seen as the authority in your field: High quality content, social media engagement & fans, plus recommendations from others.

* * *

# 5 How can I measure my ROI?

  1. Their answer should be that they help you to have tools in place allowing you to do exactly this. Not only measuring traffic or ranking positions.
  2. Because at the end, if you don’t have sales and money coming from your online efforts, how good are they?

* * *  

5 Questions To Ask AFTER You Hire An SEO Expert

#1 Is there a faster way to give me results?

  1. There are SEO experts who do it all. Others like myself for example offer SEO expert services that coach you through the SEO process and help you, your team or your virtual assistant implementing the SEO strategies.
  2. Money loves speed. The fastest result you can get online is when your online visitor makes a commitment to you. By giving you their name and email address or buying your products and programs.

* * *

#2 What do my competitors do to be on the 1st page of Google?

  1. If his or her answer is silence, then this is a warning sign.
  2. We are not alone online. Every competitor move or a new competitor coming into the market will affect our results online. Ask this question early on in your work together, and on a constantly base.
  3. In this way you can make sure you always know what your competitors are doing and get one step ahead.

* * *

#3 How can I see the improvements?

  1. Decide what improvements to measure.
  2. Then pick and choose.
  3. Have always in mind that this is your business. More traffic coming to your site or higher rankings does not mean the number of your online sales are improved.

* * *

#4 Which long term online goals do you recommend?

  1. First and foremost, you need to know your OWN online goals.
  2. Where do you want to be with your online presence in 1, 3, 5 or 10 years? This should be part of your online business plan.
  3. Share these long term business goals with your SEO expert and take notes what he or she recommends as a long term SEO strategy plan.
  4. So you can break it down in short term steps.

* * *

#5 What should I focus on?

  1. What I see working, for the search engines and online visitors, are:
    1. Creating high quality content (text, audio, images, videos)
    2. Worth sharing by others in their social networks (likes, shares, comments, pins, tweets, and more)
    3. Plus recommendations (backlinks from other sites, reviews on others and yours, ratings, and more)

* * * Tricks and Quick Fixes or Strategies and Tactics? It’s your decision. If you ask me, I would go with the SEO strategies and tactics a la White Head SEO (ethical SEO, done without tricks to get around Google’s algorithm) to make your online presence grow long term. During my SEO review and intro consulting sessions I often get questions from entrepreneurs about latest soft ware and tricks to use for fast ranking results. In all cases I happily deny and refer to Google’s latest algorithm changes. Many sites not caught in the 2008 Google Panda and Penguin changes went down in 2014 by the algorithm updates. In my experience, the question is not IF your site could be affected when using tricks and quick fixes and eventually ends up in Google’s sand box but WHEN. I personally refuse to build a site over years just that I would lose it one day due to these “actions”. * * * No matter if you are looking for a local seo expert, an expert who is specialized attracting an nationwide or international audience to their client’s website or an SEO expert who optimizes web stores, the 10 questions before and after hiring an SEO expert above will help you to create your own clear picture of the WHO you want to hire to help you fulfill your online needs and goals. You also can use these questions if you are looking for an in-house SEO corporate training specialist or want to hire a dedicated SEO expert for your company. * * * Questions about how to hire an SEO expert? Just fill out the form to contact SEO expert Dagmar Gatell. I am happy to guide you!

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Dagmar Gatell
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Dagmar Gatell is an internationally respected SEO consultant, coach and strategist. She is the founder of Global Empire SEO Consulting.

She successfully guides entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and businesses, by turning their expertise into successful global revenue generating businesses. Dagmar uses her expertise and instinct to create cutting-edge, targeted solutions to help you attract the right customers, convert leads and grow your business. Her SEO expertise is especially appreciated by her clients when creating demand and lead generating websites and online social presence.

Dagmar’s purpose-lead SEO consulting and coaching will help you leverage your companies expertise by becoming the go-to expert/product in your industry.

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