beige background with red and black lettering, helping you to figure out how to deal with a google verify your business issueIf you have experienced a Google verify my business issue like your page having been reported as spam page, you are not alone! Many do, but only few find a fast and easy solution. Where there is a will there is a way! We did and wanted to share our best solution below.

But first let’s talk about why it’s great to set up a Google My Business

page for any company or entrepreneur. In the old days with Google Local, only brick-and-mortar businesses and local service providers had a benefit of setting up a Google Local page. Doing so would allow them to come up for local searches and also put them on the Google Maps.

Then Google realized something! Allowing listings for businesses that serve customers and clients nationwide or globally is a good thing. By them setting up their own business page with Google My Business, Google can make sure they have an official business location in the United States of America and are legitimate.

Scroll down and learn from the example we share
how to deal with your Google verify my business
issue easy and fast.

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Google Verify My Business Issue – You Are Reported As Spam Page

One of our clients owns a company that serves a local area and also provides online services to a nationwide clientele. We set up a Google My Business page for him with 900 miles reach. He went ahead and applied for the Google business verification code per mail.

Google Business Verification – 3-Step Process

The code arrived after two weeks and the card showed the following steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. Enter your Google Business Verification Code and submit!

Our client accessed his Google My Business page, put in the code and verified his page. And then, his …

Google My Business Page Was Reported As Possible Spam Page

The Google My Business card with verification code provided a link to the help page. The problem was that there was nothing written about what to do when your Google business page shows up as identified possible spam page. Nor how to deal with it.

red box with white lettering, displaying an example of a Google My Business page reported as spam page

He followed the instructions above and clicked on the “Verify” button. Because after all, his page was verified. The red box disappeared and a yellow one showed up.

yellow box with white lettering, providing information how to do necessary Google My Business edits

No less confusing.

And again, the red box, explaining that our client’s Google My Business page was identified as possible spam, showed up again, and again, and again. Whenever he would click on “Verifiy” – what he had already done the first time – the red box disappeared and then showed up again after few seconds.

We could clearly see that his page was verified through the green check mark next to our client’s business name and the word “Verified”.

example for Google My Business Verification Page
So, what should we do?

We googled the issue and found out that our client was not alone. Many others were fighting with this phenomena. If you are one of them, here is your solution:

How To Deal With The Google Verify My Business Issue When You Are Identified As Possible Spam Page By Google

Step #1: Go to the Google My Business Help Center.

blue box with white lettering, display Google My Business Help Center
Step #2: Click on “Contact Us” in the Navigation Bar

Step #3: Click on “Verification”

Step #4: Click on “Other Problem”

Step #5: Provide your phone number there so Google can call you

Step #6: Make sure you have your phone close by because you will receive an automated call within the next 60 seconds. Depending on how long the waiting line is, you have to wait for few minutes.

Step #7: Have your gmail email address and your physical address handy. The Google representative will ask you about it.

Step #8: Explain them exactly the steps you took and what you see as issues on your screen.

Good luck solving your Google My Business issues!

In the best case, it’s just a glitch between verifying your business page and seeing the spam page error message. It can take up to 72 hours before the message disappears.

* * *


Don’t waste time when you come across this issue. Reach out to Google and let them know you have this spam page issue. Having a Google My Business page is great to improve your website’s rankings. By you telling Google that you are a legitimate business located in the United States of America, you get extra trust points.

Use your Google My Business page to post on an ongoing base high quality, shareable content to show you are here and in business (many Google business pages appear as “dead”).

Google Plus posts appear in the real time search of Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages) and bring your website the social recognition search engines look for.



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