Press Release “Dagmar Gatell Is A Certified SEO Master With Market Motive”

head shot of Dagmar Gatell, certified SEO MasterDagmar Gatell, SEO Expert and owner of Search Engine International, an international SEO training and SEO coaching company, finished her SEO master certification with Market Motive, the industry leader in the development of online marketing training curricula, successfully in September 2013.

Palm Bay, Florida, October 16, 2013 – Dagmar Gatell, an international SEO expert, trainer, coach and speaker finished her 3 month SEO master certification with Market Motive, an industry leader for online marketing training, successfully and as the Top Gun of her class in September 2013. Through her graduation she also became eligible for the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) which Dagmar applied for and received.

As one of the few female search engine optimization professionals and “women geeks” in her field Dagmar Gatell has worked in the internet marketing industry since 2008. She departed from her online marketing manager position in June 2012 to follow her passion of educating and guiding entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as the online experts in their particular field.

Dagmar recognized early on that by not gaining internet marketing knowledge or the ethical implementation of it and by building a solid foundation with this knowledge left many entrepreneurs struggling and failing with it.

seo master medalliontop gun seo master medallionDuring her SEO master certification through Market Motive, Dagmar worked with faculty members, trainers and other students. Her goal was to learn how to create the structure and strategies for her webinars and programs, filling the need to help others become more successful online by showing them a step-by-step action plan that is proven and workable.

Dagmar is currently developing webinars and online programs to help create the Internet mindset needed to understand the why, what, where, who, and how to of the search engine optimization implementation process. Together with her partners, she will also offer web-based, self-paced internet marketing training programs.

Dagmar Gatell shares, “Before I started my SEO Master Certification Class with Market Motive I saw myself as an SEO expert. I had an extensive knowledge and experience in the search engine optimization field. I immediately knew what my students needed to fix their problems. But I had a hard time communicating this. My students felt challenged by the provided technical information. By going through the certification process my trainer Todd Malicoat helped me to structure and document  each step of the SEO process. Now I feel confident sharing my SEO knowledge, expertise and a structured proven action plan with my clients and students. One that they can easily implement now. The student support through Lila Carpenter was awesome and I would highly recommend Market Motive’s customer support to their students.”

Market Motive quote: “We are proud to have Dagmar Gatell as a Market Motive graduate. She was a definite standout in the class, and continues to be a dedicated student. We are looking forward to seeing great things from her!”

To learn more about SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell, visit her website at or reach her at (321) 209-0208.

About Dagmar Gatell:
Dagmar Gatell is an international SEO expert (OMCP certified), trainer, coach and SEO speaker, located in Florida, USA. Fueled by a balance of left-brain strategy and deep intuitive awareness, Dagmar provides SEO training and coaching to entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves as the online go-to experts. She works with her students and clients to define the right formula for using search engine optimization in a way that compliments their learning style, personality and business goals. Dagmar has been in the internet marketing industry since 2008 and received her SEO master certification as the Top Gun in her class in September 2013. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the search engine optimization field has come over the last 6 years as she worked for an international company as their online marketing manager, overseeing their marketing team, before she started her own SEO training and coaching company in June 2012. Dagmar’s mission is to guide women entrepreneurs making their burning message visible and findable online.

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