Simple Blog SEO Strategy For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Create An Impact

blog seo written in letters on green backgroundWhat is Blog SEO? The purpose of Blog SEO is optimizing each blog post in a way that “spiders” (software programs used by the search engines to index and archive online content) easily see the search value of a specific blog post.

Another reason why I love Blog SEO as an SEO consultant is that well-ranked blog posts can be recognized for hundreds, sometimes thousands of different search terms. And because of this can bring you endless targeted online traffic to each post. Yeah! (more…)

SEO In Inbound Marketing: How Important Is It For Your Go-To Expert Website?

Andy Crestodina and Dagmar Gatell, talking about the value of SEO in inbound marketing

What’s the real value of SEO in inbound marketing? This was one of the questions that brought Andy and me together in our love for search engine optimization. I met Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media, a Chicago web design company, the first time on Twitter. He wrote this great post about the visual elements on your website that bring your visitors away and not deeper into your site. And then I caught one of his live streaming shows “Content Matters” on Blab . He recognized me from my retweets and asked me to join the live show. (more…)

Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts – SEO FAQ For Entrepreneurs

bubble with words nobody reads your blog and red question markYou think nobody reads your blog? I hear this statement again and again when I teach my SEO training classes or give one-on-one SEO coaching sessions. Many entrepreneurs think “Nobody reads  my blog posts. What sense does it make to create more or to be on the Internet with a website at all?”

Many myths go on regarding to the topic. Some experts say to wait a little bit longer and they will come. Especially if it is a new website. If your website is a few (more…)

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