Fire Up Your Content And Marketing – Mark Schaefer Shows Us How In The Content Code

book The Content Code by Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer’s book “The Content Code” on Amazon

I never heard this before but it makes so much sense. To fire up your content. Make it “hot” for your readers and people who share it. This week I had the pleasure to hear Mark Schaefer in Mark Allton’s Blab show, speaking about his latest marketing book. When I get together with my clients I try to inspire them to think of their content as something amazing they create for the world to know nobody else can offer. But it always takes me a while to describe what I envision for them. What I couldn’t figure out on my own before, Mark’s words in the Blab show were like music to my ears. He spoke about “When we share content, our readers need to understand immediately what the content is about.” “Your content and your marketing need to be ignited.” So your fans and followers have the desire to read your content AND share it. Because shared (more…)

The Top Six Traffic Sources That Bring Your Ideal Client To Your Website

traffic in a city, symbolizing the seven different traffic sources onlineWhat traffic sources does your website attract? If you aren’t familiar with the different traffic sources that exist online, then you aren’t alone. Most people aren’t familiar with the six different ones. From organic free traffic, direct traffic, over referral traffic to paid and email traffic, you want them all. Nobody should throw all their eggs in one basket. Often it takes time to build up one traffic source. Then it’s good when you have five other traffic sources you can rely on. Read below what traffic sources are available online and how you can attract each of them. (more…)

Hire SEO Expert – 10 Questions To Ask BEFORE And AFTER

image representing experts in different fields, used to symbolize the topic hire an SEO expertHire an SEO expert! Isn’t that what every third Facebook ad tells you to do? An SEO expert to grow your global authority, for local SEO or in general, these ads popping up around every corner online. Outsourcing service sites offer you the option to hire SEO experts from overseas. Because they are seen as more affordable SEO experts. Many entrepreneurs I speak with look for an SEO expert who (more…)

Affordable SEO Expert – Can You Afford A Cheap One?

man holding a sales sign in his hands on red background, lettering added Rank Number 1 On Google Just Six Dollars, symbolizing the meaning of an affordable SEO expert for many, meaning hiring somebody cheapLooking for an affordable SEO expert means something different for every entrepreneur. Some look for an SEO expert they can afford with their marketing budget, others want to hire an SEO expert who is “cheap“. Others compare the investment they make with the ROI they expect to get out. In all three cases, it looks like “affordable” is seen as spending less money or (more…)

Is Your Local SEO Expert Your Lead Generator, If Not Here Is Why

green dot with lettering local biz and red arrow on yellow background, presenting the work of a local seo expertWorking with a local SEO expert and don’t get the online leads you are looking for? There could be many different reasons why your SEO expert doesn’t work out for you. Is your goal to find an affordable SEO expert who can fulfill your unique online needs? Don’t take the cheapest one! No matter if you are in the same industry than other blue color professionals (plumbers, electricians, air conditioning, etc) or white color professionals (doctors, labs, etc), you need a customized long term SEO business strategy. One that just works for your unique online business goals. (more…)

Video SEO Tips – How-To Optimize Your Videos For Improved Ranking

video seo, words written on red backgroundUsing Video SEO is essential for video creation and sharing. At least if you want to be recognized as an authority in a specific online niche. It also helps entrepreneurs to come up for a specific search term somebody types in the search bar of any video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Or any other search engines that showcases videos as part of their search results. Here is how video search engine optimization works: The internal (more…)

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