Niche Marketing – Finding Your Most Profitable Online Niche

Niche marketing is thepicture of people grouped through circles explaining niche marketing most important part of any website, blog, social media or online presence. If you want to make money online or to increase your online traffic numbers you need to know and target your profitable online niche. In SEO for beginners we spoke about the ten things you want to know to become the go-to expert in your field online.

Here now finding the right niche is the next step of setting up a solid foundation for your online presence. What does it mean to choose the online niche that is perfect for you (picking your right online niche is a crucial part of any SEO training)?

Choosing your right niche and setting up an SEO optimized niche website (available as self paced online course) equals finding your gold pot. Your online target customers, competitors, and market are main key components needed to dominate your market online.

Let us talk about these three main components to do niche marketing the right way we discuss in our self paced online niche marketing training course.

3 Components of Niche Marketing To Make It Work For You

Component One: Your Target Customer

  1. Knowing your target customer’s demographics, their behavior, their current and future desires are absolutely the ticket for any SEO expert and entrepreneur who want to choose a niche they can share their knowledge and experience in.
  2. Your target customer has an already existing need and is looking for a fulfillment.
  3. Money is available to purchase from you. Your target customer’s need is already fulfilled through products and services by somebody else.

Component Two: Your Competitor

  1. Knowing your offline competitor doesn’t mean it is the same online competitor. Type in your services and products in Google’s or Bing’s search bar and check who is coming up. Do you recognize them? Click on the search result link and explore their website and the way they promote their services and products further.
  2. Does your online competitor provide the same products and services you do? If not contact him or her and ask to refer to each other or set up affiliate products (Affiliate products are products somebody else produces. You have the product images and product descriptions on your website. When your online visitors click on them they come to the company selling these products and services. You get a percentage of their sale).
  3. What does your competitor do to rank on this position on the search engine results page? Explore their strengths and weaknesses. Look for what they do right and you can learn from. Or what, from your experience in the market, perhaps doesn’t work but they still use it.

Component Three: Your Market

  1. Find out how big your market is online. To establish yourself within a market to take over a niche needs strategic planning. Depending on the products and services you provide making sure that your market is big enough and not satisfied easily is to key to making money online.
  2. Some big markets are pretty shallow, meaning many people search for only two or three specific service and products. Compared to other smaller markets where people search for many services and products.
  3. Your market growth is a very important key element of your decision if you want to set up yourself within a market that is dying in the close future, due to industry changes or environmental issues. Or setting up yourself in a market with a huge future potential of growth, for more interested target customers, to promote more products and services, or to make higher profit margin.

Now you know why doing niche marketing is the key for any online success!

In my How To SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell online blog talk radio show I share what SEO is and how you can use niche marketing to take over and dominate your online niche successfully.

The web based, self-paced video online course How To Start A Niche Website I created together with web developer Kim Shivler combines setting up a website in WordPress properly and optimizing it for the search engines the right way so you are seen as the expert in your online niche. This video course has the niche marketing component as base of setting up a profitable online presence included.

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