SEO Coaching For Entrepreneurs – Grow Your Authority In Your Most Profitable Niche Online

head shot Dagmar Gatell, offering SEO coaching for entrepreneurs to position themselves as authority in their most profitable niche online

SEO coaching programs for purpose driven entrepreneurs and experts ready to position themselves in their perfect niche and/or to grow their authority worldwide online. To make money with your expertise and knowledge worldwide and to make a difference in the world and other people’s lives, SEO coach Dagmar Gatell and her Global Empire SEO team help you to position yourself in your most profitable online niche, as the go-to expert in your field, pass your competitors and dominate your niche.

Many of our clients start working with us by discovering their next bold move to wing big online (package includes SEO review and intro session).

But this is just the beginning of your online success journey!

The perfect next step is executing your next bold move blueprint, the step-by-step plan you gain from your intro consulting session.

You can do this together with other entrepreneurs who are in the same boat as you are by going through our 12-week Build. Position. Grow. SEO group coaching program or getting the fast train by booking SEO expert Dagmar Gatell and her Global Empire SEO team for a full day 1-on-1 SEO intensive.

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SEO Coaching Package For Entrepreneurs who want to …

  • become a global expert and authority in their field

  • create great demand, not depending on what price they charge

  • be a celebrity in their niche

Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to know what next step they need to win big online, to take to find their most profitable and/or heart centered niche, position themselves as authority online, grow their go-to-expert status, pass their competitors, get targeted traffic, gain first page rankings, increase their conversion rates, and/or dominate their niche.

SEO Coaching Programs (Group Coaching or 1-on-1) – Become And Grow Your Authority In Your Perfect Online Niche

Build. Position. Grow.

Group Coaching. Limited to 20 people. By Application Only. Perfect For Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneurs.
  • 12-Week  Build Your SEO Optimized Website. Position Yourself. Grow Your Reach & Authority  SEO Group Coaching Program
  • Starting February 2016
  • Essentials
  • Niche & Target Market
  • Competitors
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Structure
  • Web Portal
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Niche & Authority Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • Business Conversions
  • SEO Tools & Plugins
  • Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Live Q&A Group Sessions
  • Latest SEO News & Insider Information and Tips
  • Access to Recorded Q&A Group Sessions
  • Access to SEO Online Training
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SEO Intensive

1-on-1 Coaching. By Application Only. Perfect for Entrepreneurs Who Want To Do It All In A Day.
  • Full Day SEO Intensive (1-on1 Coaching and/or Consulting Sessions)
  • Detailed SEO Questionnaire
  • Evaluation of questionnaire, website/and or social media presence
  • Developing, Establishing and Executing overall SEO Strategies
  • Reviewing SEO, Website Content and/or Site Structure
  • Technical SEO Advice
  • Guidance on Website Development
  • Structuring Keyword Focused Content
  • Creating Content Marketing Strategies
  • Internal Link Building Strategies
  • Backlink Strategies
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating On-Page SEO Strategies
  • Developing Off-Page SEO Strategies
  • Social Media Presence Optimization
  • Business Conversion Strategies
  • Fixing SEO Errors
  • Answering SEO Questions
  • Latest SEO News & Insider Information and Tips
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Access to SEO Online Training
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I teach what I build. I started in 2008 as an online marketing manager for an international company, overseeing their in-house marketing team while building dozens of topic and niche related websites and web stores to dominate the industry. In June 2012, I left my high-paid job to start my SEO coaching and training company.

Today, as an SEO expert, SEO coach and SEO strategist, I guide purpose driven entrepreneurs and experts to make money with their expertise and build their business successfully online by ranking number one online and converting their traffic into paying customers and clients.

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