SEO Coaching For Entrepreneurs – Grow Your Global Authority Online

head show Dagmar Gatell, seo coaching for women entrepreneursSEO coaching for entrepreneurs and experts who want to grow their global authority online. To monetize your expertise worldwide successfully, you need to position yourself in your most profitable online niche as the go-to expert in your field, pass your competitors and dominate your niche, and grow your online niche empire and authority in your industry.

As an expert who wants to take over their online niche, understanding how niche marketing works is crucial.

Check out the five ways how you can work with Dagmar and her team to become the global authority in the online niche that provides you the most opportunities to create wealth and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Five SEO Coaching Opportunities for You

SEO Coaching Option #1:
Complimentary 30-min Laser Coaching

This free laser coaching session is your opportunity to discover:

  • Where you (your website and overall online presence) are today,
  • Which new opportunities are waiting for you online,
  • How to monetize your expertise and/or how to make a difference in other people’s lives, and if
  • Teaming up with a high-level SEO strategist and SEO expert who uses proven and customized SEO strategies (and not a cookie-cutter approach) to help you reaching your online goals.

SEO Coaching Option #2:
SEO Review & Intro Coaching/Consulting Session

Not sure where to begin? This 60-min SEO review and intro session is perfect for entrepreneurs and experts who think big and want to grow bigger, nationwide or globally, to become the authority in their most profitable online niche.

SEO Coaching Option #3:
SEO Intensive

If you want to grow fast and implement easy, this SEO Intensive program fulfills your needs perfectly. Ask us for details about our 1/2 or full day SEO Intensive coaching/consulting program.

SEO Coaching Option #4:
12-Week SEO Group Coaching Program

This SEO group coaching program is created for entrepreneurs who want to position themselves and grow their nationwide or global authority and website in their most profitable niche. It starts in spring 2016.

SEO Coaching Option #5:
12-Month Growth Plan

Monthly 1-on-1 SEO coaching calls (including ranking and error reports) to guide entrepreneurs building their global online authority one step at a time.


I teach what I build. I started in 2008 as an online marketing manager for an international company, overseeing their in-house marketing team while building dozens of topic and niche related websites and web stores to dominate the industry. In June 2012, I left my high-paid job to start my SEO coaching and training company.

Today, as an SEO expert, SEO coach and SEO business strategist, I guide entrepreneurs and experts to monetize their expertise and build their business successfully online by ranking number one online and converting their traffic into paying customers and clients.

If you are an entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge, ready to not only think big but grow your authority in a huge way online, monetize your expertise, and want to make an impact and a difference in the world, don’t wait … sign up for your free laser coaching session now!

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Questions about our SEO coaching options? Email us and let our Global Empire SEO team find the best SEO coaching solution for your unique online goals and needs.