Website Accessibility For The Search Engines – Key Factor For Good SEO Rankings

red lock between white locks, symbolizing website accessibilityThought about website accessibility today and wanted to share here. I was asked about building new websites at the 6th anniversary WPN Global celebration a lot today. I am not a web developer so I am not the right contact to ask website questions. Kimberly Shivler from is.

But the first thing that came to my mind was website accessibility and my challenge as an SEO expert to work on new websites that aren’t set up right or so dysfunctional that they need to be re-built before the sites can be SEO optimized for the search engines. Read more

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How Do Search Engines Work?

keyboard with the letters H E L P on top of it, symbolizing how do search engines workHow do search engines work is what newbies to the internet and SEO beginners often ask. At the end the internet is really all about two things, people who use it to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. And websites that want to be found for exactly this. Read more

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What Is An Online Niche?

circles defining macro and micro niches, symbolizing the definition of what is an online nicheIf you are new to niche marketing the question “What is an online niche?” perhaps is the first one you are asking yourself. Online niches can be pretty profitable and bring you a lot of traffic and conversions, your “money makers”, or just educational where people go for free information. Read more

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Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts – SEO FAQ For Entrepreneurs

bubble with words nobody reads your blog and red question markYou think nobody reads your blog? I hear this statement again and again when I teach my SEO training classes or give one-on-one SEO coaching sessions. Many entrepreneurs think “Nobody reads  my blog posts. What sense does it make to create more or to be on the Internet with a website at all?”

Many myths go on regarding to the topic. Some experts say to wait a little bit longer and they will come. Especially if it is a new website. If your website is a few Read more

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SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell | SEO Training And VIP SEO Coaching

head shot of Dagmar Gatell, internatonal SMO and SEO expert Dagmar GatellLooking for an experienced, ethical and caring SEO Expert? Feeling confused, overwhelmed or just frustrated because everybody tells you that you need to implement search engine optimization into your website? You arrived at your dream destination. Together we will make the burning message you feel inside visible and findable by using wicked SEO training and VIP SEO coaching programs!

My SEO coaching lets you target your most profitable niche market online, connect with your target market, already looking for you and currently paying other websites for their products and service. Read more

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