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If so, SEO consultant Dagmar Gatell and her team provide a full suite of
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and expert services, from building global go-to expert and authority sites
to finding and fixing critical SEO issues, all to position you as the
leading expert in your industry worldwide.


We help you to stand out from the crowd, and achieve success with a global online presence, uniquely tailored just for you!

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What Global Empire Consulting Clients Are Saying

“When I met SEO consultant and coach Dagmar Gatell, my old website/blog was one year old and ranking at 741,593 (US) on Alexa. Three months later, after launching my NEW site, I’m already ranking at 54,975 (even though I’m in the highly competitive category of book publishing). My web traffic has more than doubled, and I’m ranking on page one of Google for 37 different keywords. My average visit duration My average visit duration has gone up from 3:07 minutes to 6:17. My bounce rate has improved from 68% to 1%.” Read more SEO testimonial and SEO success stories here.


Mark Malatesta

Author Coach, The Bestselling Author

SEO consultant Dagmar Gatell guides Entrepreneurs, Small Biz and Subject Matter Experts through the

Three Phases of Building Your Global Business

Step 1: Plan Your Global Go-To Expert and Authority Website

business man is leaning on highrises, presenting the power of developing and executing niche marketing strategies to monetize your expertise online Learn from SEO consultant and SEO coach Dagmar Gatell to find your ideal online niche, execute the right niche marketing, do proper keyword research, and choose the most profitable SEO keywords. This is the base to build a solid structure your global website, also known as information architecture in geek talk. Our 1-on-1 and SEO group coaching programs guide you to go through each of the phases of turning your expertise into a global business fast and with ease.

Step 2: Build Your Global Online Presence

professional in a one-on-one SEO training session, available as professional SEO training and corporate SEO training sessionsIn the second phase, SEO consultant and coach Dagmar Gatell shares how-to build an SEO optimized global website structure search engines love and what you need to do on your site (on-page SEO) to attract your ideal client and pass your competitors. Our SEO audit and Niche Positioning services make your life easy so you can fully focus on what you’re best in. We help you to convert your traffic into paying clients while you share your expertise, create an impact and make difference.

Step 3: Attract And Convert Your Global Traffic Into Ideal Clients

head shot Dagmar Gatell from Global Empire SEO, providing SEO expert services to purpose driven entrerpreneursThere’s only so much you can do to optimize your site. What’s next? It’s time for Off-page SEO (that’s geek language). We go away from your site, to other websites and social media networks.  Because Google doesn’t care what you say if nobody else refers to you as expert and authority. Our SEO coaching programs guide you through all 3 phases of turning your expertise into a global business. Are you a corporation or in-house marketing team, struggling with any of these steps? Ask us for our SEO consulting services.

Dagmar Gatell is an SEO consultant, coach and SEO strategist, helping entrepreneurs, businesses and subject matter experts to turn their expertise into a global business. But Dagmar can offer you more than just this – she is uniquely able to uncover profitable keywords and niche markets in places most entrepreneurs never consider.

She uses her instinct and expertise to find the niche markets that fulfill not only your desire to create the life you want (wealth, travel, freedom, time) but also support you in following your mission to improve people’s lives.

Dagmar’s purpose-lead SEO consulting and coaching will help you leverage your expertise by becoming the go-to expert and leader in your industry – and find your fullest potential.

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