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business woman, smiling, raising her hands to celebrate the success she could gain by working with SEO expert Dagmar Gatell implementing her proven SEO positioning strategy successfullySucceeding online often is a combination of courage and out of the ordinary. No entrepreneur wins anything anymore with mediocre content, a mediocre website, mediocre engagement, or mediocre actions.

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Step 1: SEO Positioning - Niche and Keywords


business man is leaning on highrises, presenting the power of developing and executing niche marketing strategies to monetize your expertise online Learn with SEO coach Dagmar Gatell more about the first step of SEO positioning: How-to find your ideal online niche, execute the right niche marketing, do proper keyword research, and choose the most profitable SEO keywords to structure your website and build your information architecture. Our 1-on-1 and SEO group coaching programs include homework, video training, and checklists. So you can go through each of the phases of perfect online authority positioning fast and with ease.


Step 2: SEO Positioning - Site Structure And On-Page SEO


professional in a one-on-one SEO training session, available as professional SEO training and corporate SEO training sessionsLearn more about how-to build an SEO optimize website structure search engines love and what on-page SEO approach is needed to attract your ideal client. Our SEO audit services and Niche Positioner Formula package make your life easy so you can fully focus on what you’re good in. Sharing your expertise and making money and a difference in your client’s life.


Step 3: SEO Positioning - Off-Page SEO


head shot Dagmar Gatell from Global Empire SEO, providing SEO expert services to purpose driven entrerpreneursThere’s only so much you can optimize on your website. What’s next? Off-page SEO strategies are part of your SEO positioning strategy. Because Google doesn’t care what you say if nobody else refers to you as expert and authority. Our Build.Position.Grow SEO coaching program guides you through all the three steps of perfect SEO positioning to attract your ideal client worldwide. Are you a corporation or in-house marketing team? Ask us for our customized SEO training.


“When I met SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell, my old website/blog was one year old and ranking at 741,593 (US) on Alexa. Three months later, after launching my NEW site, I’m already ranking at 54,975 (even though I’m in the highly competitive category of book publishing). My web traffic has more than doubled, and I’m ranking on page one of Google for 37 different keywords. My average visit duration My average visit duration has gone up from 3:07 minutes to 6:17. My bounce rate has improved from 68% to 1%.” Read more SEO testimonial and SEO success stories here.

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head shot SEO Expert and SEO business strategist Dagmar Gatell, guiding coaches, speakers and internet marketers to build their empire and attract a global audience online Dagmar Gatell is an SEO expert, coach and SEO strategist, helping purpose driven entrepreneurs to transform their experience and knowledge into global online presences thru SEO positioning. But Dagmar can offer you more than just this – she is uniquely able to uncover profitable keywords in places most entrepreneurs never consider. She uses her instinct and expertise to find the niches that fulfill not only your desire to create the life you want (wealth, travel, freedom, time) but also support you in following your mission to improve people’s lives.

Dagmar’s purpose-lead SEO coaching will help you leverage your expertise by SEO positioning you as global authority in your most profitable niche online – and find your fullest potential.