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 “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
~ Jonathan Swift


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I am not a pharmacy where you choose a $3 or $5 pain killer for your self diagnosed ailment, which remedy simply addresses and masks the symptoms, but fails to cure the problem.

I am the diagnostician and SEO expert, the one who analysis and helps correct your overall online health. With my questions on the performance of your website, when your initial struggles and problems began, and how you have been working toward a solution…whether your attempts to grow your online presence have been successful, or not… Together we will develop a comprehensive approach and strategy that allows you to implement a customized “wellness and health” plan independently or with my continued assistance for your highest online success.

“When I met SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell, my old website/blog was one year old and ranking at 741,593 (US) on Alexa. Three months later, after launching my NEW site, I’m already ranking at 54,975 (even though I’m in the highly competitive category of book publishing). My web traffic has more than doubled, and I’m ranking on page one of Google for 37 different keywords. My average visit duration My average visit duration has gone up from 3:07 minutes to 6:17. My bounce rate has improved from 68% to 1%.” Read more SEO testimonial and SEO success stories here.

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Event Hashtag: How To Bring Online Visibility To Your Event In 7 Days Or Less

An event hashtag is the absolute key to bringing online “visibility” to your event or speaking gig. There is nothing more important to an SEO coach  as using keyword focused and topic relevant content in making your event findable online. Learn more about SEO hashtag strategies, plus how using branded hashtags help your event to be recognized and to stir up conversations. All of our SEO strategies  are fully focused on helping you to promote your online or offline events by gaining more online visibility. Scroll down to read more about event hashtag visibility now. * * * Build Your Event Visibility Step-By-Step With The Right Event Hashtag Choice Let’s get started! First let’s define what an event hashtag should be. What is an Event Hashtag? word or word combination with a number sign # in front of it topic related search term fantasy word name of an event shortened name of an event something people search for to find a specific event type (#webinar or #seminar for example) * * * As you will see, hashtags used to promote events should not only be one type, but can be many different variations. Go through Day 1 – Day 7 and find out more about how to gain online visibility for your event or speaking gig. * * * Visibility – Day 1 When you think of an event hashtag you want to think of these three different hashtag types: Keywords: These are hashtags that have a search demand and include the topic or geo location of the event, the problem or need your event target market has, and/or... read more

Google Verify My Business Issue – How To Get Your Local Page Spam Issue Resolved

If you have experienced a Google verify my business issue like your page having been reported as spam page, you are not alone! Many do, but only few find a fast and easy solution. Where there is a will there is a way! We did and wanted to share our best solution below. But first let’s talk about why it’s great to set up a Google My Business page for any company or entrepreneur. In the old days with Google Local, only brick-and-mortar businesses and local service providers had a benefit of setting up a Google Local page. Doing so would allow them to come up for local searches and also put them on the Google Maps. Then Google realized something! Allowing listings for businesses that serve customers and clients nationwide or globally is a good thing. By them setting up their own business page with Google My Business, Google can make sure they have an official business location in the United States of America and are legitimate. Scroll down and learn from the example we share how to deal with your Google verify my business issue easy and fast. * * * Google Verify My Business Issue – You Are Reported As Spam Page One of our clients owns a company that serves a local area and also provides online services to a nationwide clientele. We set up a Google My Business page for him with 900 miles reach. He went ahead and applied for the Google business verification code per mail. Google Business Verification – 3-Step Process The code arrived after two weeks and the card showed... read more

How Having Website Security In Place Influences Your Website’s Rankings And Performance

Can website security influence your website’s rankings? Website security is as essential as you locking the front door of your brick and mortar business. It’s just not as visible. Many make the mistake of thinking, that because their website is not yet huge or they are not famous, nobody would try to hack into their sites. But this is not the case. Every website can be affected. And every affected website can lose rankings if this happens. Scroll down and read about unbelievable devastating website security issues we experienced that brought down our clients ranking results. * * * Devastating Website Security Issues – From 22,200 Faked Pages To Becoming A  “Sex Site” Website Security Issue #1: Hundreds or Thousands of Faked Pages on Your Website 22,200 pages later … One of our clients just experienced this few weeks ago. She had a WordPress theme she didn’t like and wanted to switch to another one. The new theme reacted unreliable from the beginning. The frustration increased over time and she decided to try another WordPress theme with the hope this one would work better. But it did not. It became worse. Just after she had the new theme installed, it crashed after uploading an image to a blog post. She called the hosting company and had to install the old theme, then re-install the new theme … she had to do this process several times. We looked into the number of indexed pages to see if there are other factors that would create an instability for the site. This was the moment we detected the 22,200 indexed pages of her... read more

SEO Insight Webinar – Getting Clear About Your Ideal Client

In this one hour webinar recording below Kay Richardson, Ideaignitor, and international SEO expert Dagmar Gatell share their insight and experience how defining your ideal client can improve your SEO results online. And what happens when nothing happens on your website! Questions from SEO Insight Webinar with SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell and Kay Ideaignator Richardson, answered during the live webinar: Questions For Kay Can you target certain age group combined with gender? Example lets say your target audience is females 18-28 for fashion? You said your ideal client will change. How do you change with the trends? How do you forecast or predict the changes or is this something you go with the flow? If I understand you correctly, the name of your site or product should be geared to you target audience? I already have a website thru my company. Can this help me get people to go to my website to see my product. Questions For Dagmar How do you get your website to be on the first page of the search engine? If I understand you correctly, the name of your site or product should be geared to you target audience?    ... read more

SEO Insight Webinar – SEO Plus Sales Funnel Equals Online Goldmine

In this one hour webinar recording below, international SEO expert Dagmar Gatell and April Iannazzone, 6-figure sales trainer, share their insight and experience of how a properly set up sales funnel and the right search engine optimization help you to create an online goldmine. Check out the webinar video recording below and subscribe to my SEO event calendar to stay up-to-date with upcoming free live webinars! Questions From Live Webinar With SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell And April Iannazzone, Sales Trainer:   What are good email responder systems? Find April Iannazzone’s answers below: Here are a few of the sites I talked about: Constant Contact Mailchimp AWeber Office-Autopilot Infusionsoft   You can see there are many email autoresponders.  I love the “easy to use” and fabulous customer service of  aWeber .  This is the one I recommend to my clients.  You can get started for $1. I forgot to mention my new favorite LOVE…  Stripe  is an online payment processor. Stripe does not have any contracts or monthly fees!  This service allows you to offer your customer payment plans and subscriptions. Kind of like Square but better!!   PS: Dagmar likes Mailchimp the best for SEO beginners 😉 If you have less than 500 subscribers you can set up autoresponders for just $10 per month.   AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some links in the blog post above are affiliate links and in full disclosure I will receive a compensation from the companies when you do purchases by using these links. Thank you for supporting these free SEO insight webinar... read more

SEO Insight Webinar | Purpose – Passion – Profit

In this one hour webinar recording below, Anita Torres, the Passionista, Independent Learning and Performance Consultant and Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Coach, together with Dagmar Gatell, international SEO expert, share their insight and experience about finding your real passion can influence your success online. Enjoy watching the webinar video recording below and register for our live SEO questions & answer sessions andto stay up-to-date with other upcoming free SEO events!  PS: After you watched the video also check out my answers to the questions that came up during the live webinar below. Questions From Live Webinar With SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell And Anita, Passionista, Torres: SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell How To Leverage Existing Website Content Do you write blog posts on your website an ongoing base? Read my tips below how you can make more out of your content by leveraging already created and existing blog posts on your website: When you have a blog post series, use these blog posts as a teaser to bring people into your sales funnel by setting up the blog post series as a 3-day, 5-day or 7-day auto responder.     Use several blog post series you created and create a paid workbook with cheat sheets and step-by-step guide from it.     Package your existing blog posts as an e-book and offer it for a $1 trial or as a free version with links to your website and promises for downloads.     If you have interviews with others experts as audio or video, create an e-program, available as one-time purchase or start a membership site with monthly fee.  ... read more

head shot SEO Expert and SEO business strategist Dagmar Gatell, guiding coaches, speakers and internet marketers to build their empire and attract a global audience onlineSEO expert Dagmar Gatell worked for many years as an online marketing manager for an international company, building dozens of niche focused websites and web stores with her in-house marketing team. She started her SEO coaching and SEO consulting company in 2012 guiding experts of distinction to monetize their expertise, build their business online, position themselves as go-to expert, dominate their niche and to attract their worldwide audience through their online niche empire and authority.

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