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business man is leaning on highrises, presenting the power of developing and executing niche marketing strategies to monetize your expertise online Build your business online program for entrepreneurs ready to monetize their expertise. SEO coach and niche marketing expert Dagmar Gatell guides you thru each phase of your niche marketing process.
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professional in a one-on-one SEO training session, available as professional SEO training and corporate SEO training sessionsSEO training for in-house marketing teams or entrepreneurs who want to develop and implement proven SEO strategies, customized to their needs, with an SEO expert and certified SEO master.


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 “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~ Jonathan Swift


My SEO Expert Promise

I am not a pharmacy where you choose a $3 or $5 pain killer for your self diagnosed ailment, which remedy simply addresses and masks the symptoms, but fails to cure the problem.

I am the diagnostician and SEO expert, the one who analysis and helps correct your overall online health. With my questions on the performance of your website, when your initial struggles and problems began, and how you have been working toward a solution…whether your attempts to grow your online presence have been successful, or not… Together we will develop a comprehensive approach and strategy that allows you to implement a customized “wellness and health” plan independently or with my continued assistance for your highest online success.

“When I met SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell, my old website/blog was one year old and ranking at 741,593 (US) on Alexa. Three months later, after launching my NEW site, I’m already ranking at 54,975 (even though I’m in the highly competitive category of book publishing). My web traffic has more than doubled, and I’m ranking on page one of Google for 37 different keywords. My average visit duration My average visit duration has gone up from 3:07 minutes to 6:17. My bounce rate has improved from 68% to 1%.” Read more SEO testimonial and SEO success stories here.

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head shot SEO Expert and SEO business strategist Dagmar Gatell, guiding coaches, speakers and internet marketers to build their empire and attract a global audience onlineSEO expert Dagmar Gatell worked for many years as an online marketing manager for an international company, building dozens of niche focused websites and web stores with her in-house marketing team. She started her SEO coaching and SEO consulting company in 2012 guiding experts of distinction to monetize their expertise, build their business online, position themselves as go-to expert, dominate their niche and to attract their worldwide audience through their online niche empire and authority. Sign up now for Dagmar’s SEO insider secrets and listen to her free SEO audio training, including the “7 SEO mistakes successful entrepreneurs make when building their authority status and online niche empire”.